What a culinary journey that 12 colleges – 36 students and 20 speakers who were on hand and 30+ colleges with over 1400 watching and cooking live online with us – a new way to inspire – learn – share and meet wonderful people including Benoit Blin, Chef Akemi and Adam Smith.

Plan ahead, don’t think you missed it – it’s live on YouTube (sounds best when watched on laptops and mobile devices) – so as a curve learning you have the recipes and the video – and watch fantastic learning sessions not only with students and lecturers but employers – the great thing about hospitality is that you NEVER stop learning and we have everyone needs to be inspired Passion Upskill Video – Japanese Secrets and Inspirational Students

One of the great things about all the chefs who cook and taste today is that they are all different with their creative skills, which is the shining thing about our industry. Everyone with us that day – both in the room and online, had their taste buds and imagination taken to a new level.

It shows how wonderful hospitality is because there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The colleges present that day were New Suffolk College, Milton Keynes College, Doncaster College, Lincoln College, North Kent College, Cambridge Regional Colchester Institute, West Suffolk College Suffolk, Isle of Wight College, North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire, North Hertfordshire College, University of West London

Great chefs came together: Benoit Blin and Steve Munkley with these amazing and inspired people who cook, Akemi Yokoyama, Mark Poynton, John Jackaman, Barney O’Connell, Chris Lee, Adam Smith and Charlotte Silvester volunteering their time to inspire students and lecturers – the adventure was to find out where, why and how they created their brilliant dishes and to tap into their imaginations”. While they were creating their dishes, we were privileged to have The Legend Steve Munkley, Vice President of the Craft Guild of Chefs, who also discussed the importance of taste and texture and career paths students. As the chefs prepared and discussed the creative journey of their dishes – adding another level of experience, we had wine pairings for each course by Ed Keith of Hallgarten & Novum Wines and excellent IT support from Bradley Dorrington and Perran

A very special Guest joined us to taste and comment on all these dishes and wines the Legend Benoit Blin Executive Pastry Chef – Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Suppliers and support

The event had magical support from brilliant producers, Stunning Produce, great suppliers thank you very much – Zen-Noh, Koppert Cress, Japan Food Express and Natural Online Shop, The Wasabi Company, Anglia Produce, Dingley Dell Pork and Charcuterie, The Craft Guild of Chefs, Direct Meats, Hallgarten Wines and of course John Jackaman – Infusions Group and the employers who allowed chefs to attend – MJP @The Shepherds, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Infusions, The 3 Blackbirds , Gohan London, Coworth Park


Benoit Blin – Executive Pastry Chef – Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

“So happy to have been part of this fantastic opportunity for student chefs from all over the country to learn about Japanese cuisine @passion2inspire informative and inspiring day”

Akemi Yokoyama– Leader and Founder, Gohan. London

“What a day! I was bowled over by the number of online attendees expected before we even started, but on site, all the bright-eyed, open-minded students and teachers showed up in their chef jackets! What site !

Fantastic range of chefs, the quality we don’t often see in one place, each showcasing their take on bringing Japanese elements to the dishes.

I am immensely happy to have had the opportunity to talk about the two pillars of Japanese cuisine: koji and dashi, in line with umami.

My highlight of the event was many, but with every bite I looked forward to everyone’s reactions. It was particularly amazing that Chef Benoit took the audience on a journey through his palette.

Thank you @passion2inspire for inviting me to participate, and @ICE for their invaluable help, and to Bradley for the awesome computer setup. “

Marc Poynton– Chef / Patron – MJP Restaurant

“It has been an honor to have been involved with ‘A Passion to Inspire’ for the past 12 years and always a pleasure to help, support and inspire the next generation – it has been a very special event and our most inspiring day ever!!!”

Steve Munkley – Vice President Craft Guild of Chefs

“What an amazing day, the level of engagement from the colleges was brilliant and the students do them credit. Akemi Yokoyama’s masterclass was stunning on Umami, Kombu and Koji nicely complemented by our 4 superstar chefs and Ed wines from Hallgarten & Novum I’m sure this will be an outing that young chefs will never forget”

Ed Keith

“Hallgarten & Novum Wines and I have been proud to support ‘A Passion to Inspire’ over the past few years. Developing and supporting new talent in the hospitality industry is more important than ever. Personally, it is a real pleasure to work with such a great initiative and a group of fantastic people”

Speaker Comments Quotes

Stuart Ascott– West Suffolk College “Chef Akemi giving a clear and intuitive lesson on umami was amazing, the chefs demonstrating many culinary skills and Chef Benoit’s lively explanation of the flavors fantastic! “

Antoine Gascoigne- North Hertfordshire CollegeThe Japanese Development Day with Passion to Inspire was a huge success. Our North Herts College students came away full of ideas based on the insights gained from the chefs who demonstrated. For students and tutors, the day of development inspired by the creativity and skills on display “

Darren Creed – Loughborough College (online) “The live cooking demonstration with passion to inspire on Tuesday was such an inspiration to my staff and students, we learned so much before the event by just reading the recipes and then cooking live and the taste was superb, we enjoyed produced the dishes with our own presentation picks up what was being broadcast live and all the students had a great time, it certainly took us all on a learning journey”

Kieran Frazier student “The best dish was the mushroom and potato dish because it had the heat, sweet and salty 3 key flavors in Asian cuisine. The chicken broth was good had a good flavor but if it had had more time it would have been so much better”

William Bolton studentMy chicken dish was a bit too salty as we found out but the chicken was perfectly cooked the sauce really complimented the sweet, umami and spicy dish as it had the sweet, spicy, salty, loved tasting the different flavors sweet, savory was so intriguing”

“A passion to inspire”

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