A shooting in Alabama on Wednesday resulted in the deaths of a retired sheriff’s deputy who worked as a process server, and the suspect, according to reports.

The retired deputy, who has been identified as Madison “Skip” Nicholson, and Wilcox County deputy chief Trenton Gulley, were both shot when they arrived at a residence in Yellow Bluff around 5 p.m., WSFA-TV from Montgomery, Alabama reported.

The two officers attended the scene after a woman called the police, fearing her ex-husband was trying to kill her, Melissa Dove, executive director of the Emergency Management Agency of the United Kingdom, told the station. Wilcox County.

Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans (Wilcox County Sheriff)

“This is a tragic incident,” Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans told AL.com. “It’s really dangerous to deal with cases of domestic violence, as we all know.”

“It’s a tragic incident. It’s really dangerous to prosecute domestic violence cases, as we all know.”

– Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans

Gulley suffered non-life threatening injuries, but Nicholson died after being shot several times in the chest and one in the neck, the WSFA reported.

The woman who called the police was not injured, the report said.

The suspect has been identified as Billy Bizzell. Dove and the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office have given conflicting accounts of how he died, WSFA reported.

Dove said Bizzell was shot and killed by the deputy chief, while the sheriff’s office claimed Bizzell had committed suicide, according to the station.


In addition to local authorities, personnel from the state’s Office of Investigation and the FBI’s office in Mobile, Ala., Responded to the scene, according to the report.

Wilcox is the home county of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who issued a statement following news of Nicholson’s death.

“Tonight my hometown of Wilcox tragically lost retired Sheriff’s Deputy Madison ‘Skip’ Nicholson, who was shot and killed in the line of duty,” Ivery wrote, according to the WSFA. “A chief deputy was also treated for his injuries. All too often we are reminded of the grave sacrifice our men and women in blue face every day to protect our communities. The Alabama law enforcement agency is actively investigating this tragic situation. prayers go out to his family and colleagues. “


Nicholson was the third Alabama law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty this year, AL.com reported. The others were Sheffield Police Sgt. Nick Risner, who was killed on October 2, and Selma’s policeman, Marquis Moorer, who was killed on July 27. said the report.

Yellow Bluff is approximately 91 miles southwest of Montgomery.


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