– Quickly recharge your power with OPPO’s exclusive SuperVOOC 65W flash charge

The sleek device is designed with ultimate endurance to withstand accidental drops, rain, natural and environmental wear and tear

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Dubai Fitness Challenge returns this end of the month with 30 days of free activities, wellness-focused events and entertainment taking place in the emirate between October 29 and November 27e 2021.

Dubai Fitness Challenge

Outdoors, things can get a little uncomfortable, but not with OPPO’s Reno6 Pro 5G! Even with the large 4,500mAh battery on board, the smartphone is only 7.99mm thick and weighs around 188g. The new OPPO smartphone will be your perfect companion as you pedal against the backdrop of the iconic landmarks of Dubai Ride on November 5 or take part in some of the many action-packed activities at the three Fitness Villages – Kite Beach, Expo2020 Dubai and Mushrif Park.

Capturing spontaneous movement in a dynamic lifestyle can be quite intimidating, especially when charging time is limited and on the go. The Reno6 series overcomes this problem with its reliable and incredibly fast SuperVOOC flash charging that uses the highest level of multi-layered protection with all key nodes including adapter, USB cable, cell phone and battery protected by smart chips.

Today, a five-minute quick charge of a Reno6 smartphone using VOOC Flash Charge technology allows users to fully enjoy every moment without worrying about the little hassles like slow charging.

Guided by the value of the user-led brand, OPPO is continuously improving its VOOC flash charging technology to meet the different charging needs of users in all weather conditions, on multiple devices, in a number of situations, and to mitigate user ‘load anxiety’ in the 5G era.

The sleek phone is also designed to withstand accidental drops, even on normal rainy days. This means you don’t have to worry if your phone slips out of your pocket while you workout. To test its durability, the phone’s manufacturers increased the free fall height to 1.5 meters from the industry benchmark of 0.8 meters, and sprayed water on all four surfaces of the phone in simulated rain conditions. He passed the test with flying colors.

The device has also undergone sweat and cosmetic tests – so don’t worry – your device is safe even if you exercise with makeup on. Alternatively, you can carry the Reno6 Pro 5G in your pocket, as the phone’s ability to withstand interference from electrostatic charges caused by friction is unmatched.

Additionally, to test the phone’s ability to withstand natural wear and tear, the physical buttons and connector inputs of the Reno6 series smartphones have been force-tested by pressing thousands of times including power, volume and fingerprint to stimulate natural wear and tear over a lifetime.

Worried about heat, humidity or strong winds? Ensuring that the Reno6 series devices maintain consistent performance standards regardless of the environment, the devices have been stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels for a set number of days. Not only did the phones pass the tests, but all functions were preserved and components intact, with no signs of damage detected on the surface.

Even without being exposed to extreme temperature environments, smartphones can overheat due to the amount of electrical power they generate in their own hardware, especially 5G-enabled devices. This, however, is not a problem with the Reno6 phones, which are equipped with advanced components to limit and control any temperature rise – tested in many real-life scenarios.

About OPPO

OPPO has been a leading global technology brand since 2004, dedicated to providing products that seamlessly combine art and innovative technology.

OPPO’s mission is to create an ecosystem of multiple access smart devices for the era of smart connectivity. Smartphones have simply been a gateway for OPPO to deliver a diverse portfolio of smart and cutting-edge technologies in hardware, software and systems. In 2019, OPPO launched a $ 7 billion US dollar threeone-year R&D investment plan to develop core technologies advancing design by technology.

OPPO firmly pursues creating the best technological products and technological art for global users. Based on the elements of the leading brand, young and beautiful, OPPO is dedicated to the mission of empowering extraordinary users to enjoy the beauty of technology.

Over the past 10 years, OPPO has focused on making smartphones with unmatched camera capabilities. OPPO launched the first mobile phone, the Smile Phone, in 2008, which marked the start of the brand’s epic journey of exploring and developing extraordinary technology. Over the years, OPPO has built a tradition of being number one, which became a reality by inventing the world’s first rotating camera smartphone in 2013, launching the world’s thinnest smartphone in 2014, being the first to introduce the 5X zoom “Periscope” camera technology and the development of the first 5G commercial smartphone in Europe.

Today, OPPO is ranked fourth smartphone brand in the world. OPPO brings technology aesthetics to global consumers through the experience of ColorOS system and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO +.

OPPO’s activities cover 40 countries with more than six research institutes and five R&D centers around the world, from San Francisco To Shenzhen. OPPO has also opened an international design center headquartered in London, driving cutting-edge technology that will shape the future not only for smartphones, but also for smart connectivity.


OPPO began its journey in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in 2015 after setting up its regional office in Egypt. Following the immense success of the brand’s sales center in Cairo In the first year, OPPO accelerated its expansion plan in the MEA region and inaugurated its domestic operations in the United Arab Emirates in 2019. Now, OPPO has a physical presence in more than 13 markets across the region, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and the Levant.

To strengthen its presence in the region in line with its product localization strategy, OPPO has invested more in the MENA region and established its own factory in Algeria in 2017, becoming the first Chinese brand to build a manufacturing site in North Africa. Based on the knowledge of local consumers in each country, OPPO has made progress in product localization, considering multiple perspectives to each market, including product localization, to better meet the basic needs of users; marketing localization, to better communicate with young local customers; and talent localization, to better understand local consumers and provide optimal customer service.

In the past year, OPPO has started to adjust its product line in the Middle East region in particular. This included the launch of its flagship OPPO Find X series and the introduction of the OPPO Reno series. OPPO will continue to evolve its range of local products to offer more premium series to consumers in the region.

A forward-thinking international technology company, OPPO strives to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world and has implemented positive change in every way possible by activating local community initiatives and humanitarian and charitable campaigns.

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OPPO logo (PRNewsfoto / OPPO)

OPPO logo (PRNewsfoto / OPPO)



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