The CBA reported just one outage in the last quarter compared to other major Australian banks, according to the latest statistics under the Reserve Bank of Australia’s reporting requirements.

On Tuesday, major banks released individual reports on the availability of payment services as part of the RBA’s quarterly disclosure requirement.

Under RBA reforms introduced last November, banks must now publish quarterly statistical information on the reliability of payment services to create greater transparency and provide insight into material outages.

The report covers seven areas of banking, including ATMs, branches, cardholder payments, card acceptance for businesses, account access through online banking, fast account transfers and account transfers the next business day.

In the big four banks, the CBA reported only one outage. It lasted five hours and 43 minutes and affected online banking through web browsers and mobile apps.

After CBA, Westpac reported two outages (PDF here).

Westpac recorded an outage, when its access to online banking services was blocked for four hours and 41 minutes, and noted a brief outage of 44 minutes affecting account transfers.

NAB reported significant outages and disruptions in four of the seven areas during the quarter.

The worst hit area was NAB’s card payment acceptance for businesses, which saw disruption for a total of six hours and 15 minutes.

The bank also recorded a five-hour problem accessing online banking, a two-minute, 17-minute outage at its ATMs, and a 41-minute in the quick payments category.

Steve Day, NAB’s chief technology officer for enterprise technology, said iTnews the bank “continues to invest heavily in strengthening our technology foundations to provide a more resilient and flexible technology environment.”

“Over the past three to four years, our continued investment in our cloud infrastructure and focus on laying the foundations has significantly contributed to an 87% reduction in serious and critical incidents on NAB and BNZ.

“While this quarter saw some minor fluctuations, the overall trend since public reporting began last year shows us in a strong position as we continue to invest in improving our technology resilience.”

NAB highlighted its work in building technology foundations featured in its annual results.

ANZ reported the biggest outage with a 17-hour outage to its online banking services and a five-hour, 39-minute outage at a branch.

ANZ initially reported another 3pm outage affecting the fast payment facility. However, he later corrected the length to five hours and 46 minutes.

A spokesperson said iTnews the reporting error was caused by “incorrectly including degraded service data with service outage data”.

“We recognize the importance of these reports and getting it right. We will work to improve the quality of our data for future reports,” the spokesperson said.

Outside of the big four banks, Macquarie Bank noted an eight hour and 18 minute outage for consumers wishing to access online banking, while Bank of Queensland noted two short outages: a one hour outage and 39 minutes for card payments and a four hour outage and 41 minute outage for online banking.


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