If you’ve had enough of all the similarly styled Android handsets on the market, step into the world of Planet Computers and their line of smartphones designed with a physical keyboard, borrowing the style of the Pocket PCs of yesteryear.

Last year the company released its Gemini handset and this year it’s offering a revised model, dubbed the Cosmo Communicator. The device was made available through Indiegogo and met its fundraising goal, raising more than $ 1 million. If anything is clear, people want something different – and the Cosmo Communicator is the answer.

The folks at Planet Computers had two prototypes of the Cosmo Communicator during CES 2019, one unit that was to remain closed, primarily a device meant to show off the new two-inch exterior display, and one that did not have a working exterior. . but can be opened to play with the keyboard and internal display. In addition to the external display, the next model will also have a 24MP camera and fingerprint reader, allowing for better security and extended functionality – because even a road warrior has to take pictures of documents and other important items at a given time.

When it comes to build quality, the new unit, just like the old unit, is solid. The magnets used to hold the device closed are strong and require good force when opening. When the unit is folded closed, there is a satisfying clicking sound from both sides joining. As for the keyboard, it is narrow and difficult to use. Although I’m sure if you spent enough time with the device, you might become proficient in using it. But with the limited time on the show, it wasn’t that comfortable. But as the rep explained, this device has it all, no need for additional accessories.

So when can you get your hands on this device? Ideally, if all goes according to plan, you are considering June 2019. If you want, you can head over to the Indiegogo page and pledge your hard-earned dollars to the campaign where $ 569 will guarantee you a unit if the company is able to deliver.

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