Maybe you have already used an online comparator to buy insurance, credit, book a holiday or buy a mobile plan. This is very likely, according to a recent study published by Good Finance, which explains that price and service comparators are the most used FinTech service by the French.

Understand how an online comparator works


In concrete terms, how does a comparator work? First, you should know that this type of website was created to help consumers in their choices, by offering them a high visibility on the different offers that stick to their project, as well as a ranking of the best offer and this whatever good or service they wish to acquire. The Internet user can thus have direct access to several key criteria, particularly with regard to pricing conditions and price.

Secondly, it is important to stress that the online comparator serves as a facilitator for the consumer, as he is no longer obliged to carry out his own market research, the comparator will be responsible for carrying out this research work and will allow a significant time saving for the user.

More convenient customer experience


Finally, it is interesting to note that online comparators are now available everywhere, on desktop, tablet or smartphone, and that more and more companies are looking to offer a simple and secure service to offer a more convenient customer experience. .

It should be noted that the information displayed on the online comparators is governed by a law of 1 July 2016 which requires these sites to comply with certain information obligations for users in order to protect them:

– Several indications must explain the functioning of the comparator
– The site must display all the essential characteristics of the good or service (price, fees, commissions, etc.)
– The comparator must specify whether an advertising offer is referenced for a fee.

Focus on an innovative player in the comparator sector


Among the string of online comparators, we find the website Honest Bank, (little brother of the site Good Credit). As its name suggests, this site is an independent bank comparator that helps its users in finding the bank that best fits their expectations.

Indeed, to dissect all the conditions of the banking offers is not always obvious, just as to find a bank which gathers all the services which we need is sometimes illusory, so much the banking sector has trouble to renew itself.

This is why Honest Bank wants to offer its customers relevant results, and secondly, personalized results. Thus, the comparator provides Internet users several tools:

– A project simulator that allows to obtain a ranking of the most interesting offers
– A catalog of index cards and articles regularly updated with the latest banking news

Finally, Honest Bank offers a 100% online service, making it always easier to find a new bank!

To never be wrong again, compare!


The comparators are of course not only limited to financial services and thus offer to compare flights, hotels, cars, sports bets or even dating sites! That’s why we can only advise you to always compare the different offers of goods and services that interest you, before you commit!