Animal cruelty case investigated in Walterboro
Officers were called to a residence in Blueberry Court near Walterboro on March 31 in what they believe was a domestic dispute between a father and son. However, officers soon learned that the incident involved a different topic – alleged animal cruelty.
According to an incident report from the Colleton County Sheriff‘s Office, the deputy learned on the spot that the father and son were arguing about what was going on inside the residence with animals.
The sheriff’s office then contacted Colleton County Animal Control, which responded to the scene. Animal control authorities then seized the animals, a sheriff’s report said.
Details of the animal cruelty case are being withheld, pending an upcoming hearing into the custody of the animals that were seized.
In other Colleton County crime news:

The bar owner goes to jail
A 25-year-old Columbia woman was arrested for disorderly conduct recently after making a scene at a local bar. On March 31, officers from the Walterboro Police Department were called to the Barrel House on Bells Highway in Walterboro because the woman refused to pay her bar bill. The woman was “intoxicated” and “causing a disturbance”, the report said. She was placed under arrest and taken to prison.

Cookie theft is no joke
Walterboro police were called to the Mobile West gas station on Bells Highway in Walterboro on April Fool’s Day to report someone had stolen cookies. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the 26-year-old suspect attempted to steal $10 in cookies; however, he was caught in the act. The man is charged with shoplifting.

Bike damaged in hit-and-run
An elderly man’s conveyance was recently damaged in a hit-and-run. The 70-year-old Walterboro man called the Walterboro Police Department on April 3 and reported that his bicycle had been damaged in the parking lot of the IGA grocery store. The man said he parked his bike in the parking lot and when he returned the bike was damaged. The case is being investigated as a hit and run, a police report says.

Take the ham and run
A woman was caught shoplifting at a local grocery store after trying to stuff several items – including a ham – into her jacket. The 51-year-old Walterboro woman was caught by a store clerk attempting to leave the store without paying for numerous items she had stuffed into her jacket. Items include Mad Dog 20/20 liquor; apples; Ham; bananas; turkey; and Miracle Whip. According to an incident report from the Walterboro Police Department, the stolen items are valued at approximately $45.02. The suspect is charged with shoplifting, first offence.


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