New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) rangers respond to search and rescue incidents statewide. Working with other state agencies, local emergency response organizations, and volunteer search and rescue groups, rangers locate and extract people lost, injured, or in distress statewide. from New York.

In 2020, DEC rangers conducted 492 search and rescue missions, extinguished 192 wildfires that burned a total of over 1,122 acres, participated in eight prescribed burns that served to rejuvenate more than 203 acres, and worked on cases that resulted in 3,131 tickets or arrests.

Wilderness research: At 5:50 p.m. on December 16, Forest Ranger Pries responded to a call about a lost hiker at Breakneck Ridge State Park in Dutchess County. With the help of the North Highland and Cold Spring Fire Departments, Ranger Pries located the hiker about an hour later. The 29 year old man from Chappaqua did not have a headlamp so couldn’t see the trail. Ranger Pries helped the hiker through a steep and rocky area and the two were out of the woods by 7:40 PM.

Debris fire: On December 21 at approximately 6:30 p.m., Ranger Hicks heard a dispatch appeal from Suffolk County regarding a debris fire at Yaphank in the town of Brookhaven. Ranger Hicks responded with the Brookhaven and Yaphank Fire Departments. The fire was caused by a homeowner dumping ashes from a fireplace onto debris behind his house. Responders extinguished the 0.3 acre fire in about an hour and Ranger Hicks advised the owner of the proper disposal to prevent a reoccurrence.

If a person needs a ranger, whether for search and rescue, to report a forest fire, or to report illegal activity on state lands and easements, they should call 833- NYS-RANGERS. To contact a ranger for information on a specific location, the DEC website has the phone numbers of each ranger listed by region:

Environmental protection police reports

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (ECO) police officers and investigators in 2020 responded to 29,673 calls and worked on cases statewide that resulted in 11 952 tickets or arrests for crimes ranging from deer poaching to solid waste dumping to illegal mining. , the black market pet trade and excessive emissions violations.

If you have witnessed an environmental crime or believe that an environmental law violation has occurred, please call the DEC Law Enforcement Division hotline at 1-844-DEC -ECOS (1-844-332-3267).

Bait again: In September, ECO Gross received a complaint about possible bait on property in the town of Hornby. The CEO has confirmed a history of deer baiting on the same property dating back to 2017, and the owner has been issued a ticket. On September 29, CEOs Gross and Crain observed a stand on the property baited with mineral block and corn. On October 2, ECOs Gross and Lomozik returned to the area to patrol when they noticed that the suspect’s vehicle was parked behind them. Officers spoke to the driver, who owns the property, and noticed a dead male in the bed of his truck. After a brief interview, the hunter admitted to shooting the buck the night before from the bait stand. He paid a civil fine of $ 500 for illegally capturing a deer, hunting with a pre-set bait pile and placing a lick stone on land inhabited by deer. As this was the hunter’s second stick violation in five years, he lost his hunting privileges for three years. The deer was donated to a local charity.

Lost hunter located: On November 22, ECO Crain responded to a report of an 81-year-old hunter missing from his hunting party in the Italy Hill State Forest in Yates County. The group was preparing to leave the area from the West Lighting Road parking lot when they noticed the subject was missing. Rangers Dormer, Staples and Cordell and three members of the Yates County Sheriff’s Office also responded to help with the search. ECO Crain said it would check out the four-wheel drive route of Dunn Road and surrounding camps, while others stretch out into the woods. Shortly thereafter, ECO Crain received a report from 911 that the subject had visited 1515 Italy Valley Road. The officer responded to the address with members of the Yates County Sheriff’s Office and found the man in good health.

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