Find your passion, do what you love and the magic will happen! These girls got it with their Galaxy S22!
Own what you love, capture memories and share your story with the world!

“The world is changing and so are women. Women today aren’t afraid to explore new territory or execute new ideas,” were the words heard during a conversation between three inspiring female bosses who are not only passionate about the work they do, but also about living their best life while preserving those precious moments on their smartphones. For busy girls like them, a good smartphone is the glue to keep their lives intact, and that’s why they recently upgraded to the new Galaxy experience with their brand new Galaxy S22!

Let’s listen to them directly, but before that…

Meet these amazing girls

Dayang has been in the television industry since his late teens, building a career of over a decade of experience and accolades. From hosting to presenting to reporting, you can be sure she has done it all. Dayang credits his family for driving his motivation, especially his one-year-old son! For sachie, music is and will always be his life companion. Music for Sachie means more than just sound, but a mystical means of healing, empowerment and inspiration for her personal expression as a recording artist. Shivani seeks to educate and inspire women around the world with its lifestyle and fashion-focused content. Throughout her ten years in business, she has achieved a list of recognizable awards and has even been featured in several magazines for her expertise in beauty and content creation.

Besides the GREAT SHOES to fulfill their respective careers, our girls also juggle a constant load of content for the various social platforms they are on. For Dayang, being in the TV industry means she always has to keep up to date with the latest news to the point where keeping up with the news could easily swallow up an entire day.

“There’s so much information I need to prepare and digest, but you know what? My S22’s multi-screen feature actually cuts the time in half,” she says, talking about multitasking. “I love being able to watch a livestream AND stay up to date on social media on one screen. I save so much time when I’m on the go!” she later added when talking about her remote work habits.
“For me, it’s definitely the quality of the camera and the features that come with it,” Sachie replied, to which the girls explained that photos and videos are an integral part of life not only for job prospects, but also for preserving personal memories and expressing oneself in the most creative way possible. . “Some of my friends thought I photographed them with a DSLR and that says a lot!” Sachie talked about the capability of her phone’s camera, followed by a PSA from Dayang that echoed, “To all the moms, why settle for mediocre selfies with your kids when you can have the prettiest, sharpest, highest definition photos?!I’m obsessed with how beautiful all my photos are on this phone!before she starts laughing.
The conversation naturally flowed to explore interesting projects in which the trio shared the final events of their lives, but Shivani sparked interest when she said she had ventured deep into the night lately. time to experience low-light makeup content. That would generally be a bad idea considering both heavy shadows and harsher lighting, but apparently this storyline started when she accidentally captured a perfect close-up one dark night and was pleasantly surprised by the result final, declaring– “It got me pretty ecstatic trying to play around with the different camera modes and wondering how I could make more abstract shots with it. It was quite a fun night of discovery!”

After a few more conversations and laughs, the session ended on a high note and finally sent the girls away with a deeper understanding of vibes, career goals and countless other topics – from their beginnings to how they built something from their passion and the importance of photos for the preservation of memories and creative expression #withGalaxy. No matter what lies ahead, it’s safe to say the trio sealed a bond today by not apologizing for what they are up to.

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