Fobi AI (TSX-V: FOBI, ​​OTCQB: FOBIF) Inc said Passcreator has seen continued success and momentum, with the number of customers using the platform increasing by 43% in the first quarter of this year compared to the first quarter of this year. same quarter in 2021.

The company said Passcreator customers grew from 119 in the first quarter of 2021 to 170 in the same quarter of this year, while revenue increased by 48%.

Passcreator’s Insurance Pass product offering continues to gain market share, with the company integrating three other key global insurance companies during the first quarter.

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Fobi said Passcreator has also completed its integration with the Qples by Fobi coupon platform, making digital couponing through the mobile wallet a reality.

Additionally, events and digital ticketing are driving new line revenue with the successful deployment of the platform at several European events.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson said that with its diverse applications and value creation, Passcreator is quickly becoming a key standalone platform for leading enterprises and insurance customers.

“[Passcreator] is a key strategic part of the Fobi retail ecosystem that we are building by connecting Passcreator to Qples by Fobi’s new 8112 mobile standard coupons,” said Anson.

“As the world becomes increasingly digitally enabled and driven, our technology stack and diverse product offerings could not be better positioned and relevant to today’s environment and (are) ready for a continued success and rapid growth.”

Fobi AI is a leading data intelligence company that helps clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement to drive increased profits

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