Jessica Sanchez (left) and Donna Valdez (right) have worked for Freedom Insurance for a few years with the goal of educating the community about life and health insurance. Their office is located at 907 Oak Street in Jourdanton and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CADE ANDREWS | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Opened in 2019, Freedom Insurance is here for all your life insurance needs. Located at 907 Oak Street in Jourdanton, licensed agents Donna Valdez and Jessica Sanchez are constantly working to educate their clients and be a trusted agency for the community. Previously, Freedom Insurance was an auto, home and life insurance agency. However, they have recently turned to Medicare.

“We think there’s a great need in our community to help educate people,” Valdez said. “Medicare can be very confusing for people. What we like to do is sit down and educate our customers and let them know their options and try to make sure they will have coverage that is right for them and meets their needs.

Although they have developed good relationships with their clients, Freedom Insurance has had to keep things afloat during the pandemic. With the virus, they were unable to meet customers for an extended period. On the health insurance side, they faced some challenges, but feel they learned a lot throughout the year and can use it to better meet life insurance needs. .

Often Valdez or Sanchez will go above and beyond to make things easier for their clients. For some customers who are unable to drive, Valdez is able to meet their needs either by phone or in person. On top of that, Sanchez speaks Spanish which allows him to connect with more clients. Their service is not a one-and-done type of deal, and goes beyond one-time consultations.

“We do the whole process”

Sanchez said. “And I think that’s where we sort of stand out as different, so we help them before and we help them during, then we help them after, so we’re there for them. It’s all about helping them. »

In addition to helping customers find the right doctors and medications, Freedom Insurance helps find the benefits that come with each plan. Often customers will have questions associated with certain benefits. Valdez said sometimes people will be entitled to additional benefits that they weren’t originally aware of.

When it comes to life and health insurance, many young people don’t see it as a necessity. With the pandemic, Valdez and Sanchez hope, this has opened the eyes of people who hadn’t previously considered the possibility of having life insurance available during unprecedented times.

“When you’re young, that’s when you’re going to get the best rates and you’re going to be able to lock in to those rates that are good,” Valdez said. “As you get older, those rates will just go up and eventually can get a lot harder to pay. So definitely when you’re young is the time to get on board and lock in those fares.

Valdez added that they want to continue growing within the community. Freedom Insurance was present at the Founders Day event in Jourdanton and plans to continue participating in events within the community.

Freedom Insurance is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To find a plan that’s right for you, email [email protected] or call 830-769-2089.


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