Those who remember, or at least know, the good old days of Pocket PCs, PDAs and, in particular, the Psion Series 5, might be excited about this new crowdfunding venture. British startup Pocket Computer traveled to Indiegogo to present the idea of ​​some kind of revival of this line of devices. Called the Gemini PDA, this “ultra-thin clamshell mobile device” promises to do all that your Android smartphone can and more, like dual booting Linux and a full but tiny QWERTY keyboard in a size just a little bigger than your medium phablet.

This is hardly the first attempt to create a mobile PC experience in recent times. There is, for example, the recently launched GPD Pocket Indiegogo campaign for Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Closer to the Android side, there is still some crowdfunding to be launched for a Moto Z Family QWERTY Mod slider for the Moto Z family. The Gemini PDA, of course, promises to be different, and to some extent seems almost too good to look at. be true.

On the one hand, unlike the GPD Pocket or even the previous GPD WIN, the Gemini PDA will run on hardware more common to a high-end smartphone than to a PC. That is, it will run on a high-end and somewhat newer MediaTek Helio X25 processor, have 4GB of RAM, and display a 5.7-inch QHD screen. And it will run on Android as well as Linux, although the exact flavor of Linux was not mentioned. And, yes, it can make phone calls, at least the ones with the 4G option.

It also stands out for its design. It’s not as bulky as the GPD equivalent, but does have a bit of girth and weight compared to a smartphone of equivalent specs. It’s, for example, 13.5mm thick, nearly double most, which isn’t surprising given its laptop-like clamshell design that would recall historical artifacts like the Nokia 9000 Communicators.

Of course, the appeal of this device won’t be for its design, although it certainly will be. The value of the Gemini PDA will be the promise of on-the-go productivity that you can’t really appreciate with just a touchscreen. Considering the crazy success of the Pocket GPD Pocket, there seems to be a market for such devices. But Pocket Computers may not yet have as much of a reputation for being as successful as GPD.

VIA: Indiegogo


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