In an age when cell phones are strapped to people’s hips, that means police work has become more and more technological. Cell phone data has been used for thousands of cases across the country.

However, for the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office, obtaining data on the phones in recent years has been a difficult time. Investigator John Wren introduced a new software called Cellebrite that the office wants to buy, so they can easily access all of this data.

“To be able to take a cell phone obtained as evidence, either from the victim or the suspect, by consent or by search warrant, connect the phone to the computer, which downloads the data. Then we can go in and access all of the data without having to play with the actual phone, ”Wren said.

He says in the past, when they needed data, they had to rely on technology from another agency.

“Most importantly, you get off their priority list. So if you have a bank robbery, a murder case, what have you, and you go to another agency for help … if they have their own murder or something to deal with, then they will work on yours. So you are always at the mercy of someone else to help you, ”Wren said.

The initial costs of installing and using the software are $ 6,700, with an average cost of around $ 6,100 per month thereafter.

The Commissioner has taken no action on the software and will return to take action at a later date.



November 19, 2021 - The Bradley Scout


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