One of the best benchmarking solutions, Spb Benchmark is also a must-have for those who usually review this type of device. Free to use, the application can perform various actions, such as opening and closing graphics and text files, writing, reading, copying files to your Pocket PC’s storage, such as on a card storage, playing audio files and movies, or simply turning off the screen. . Some actions may be repeated multiple times, as part of the testing process. Furthermore, Benchmark Spb offers a wide range of tests that analyze the functionality of a Pocket PC, which can then be compared to those of other models.

The app itself is divided into five important groups, each focusing on a specific part of the device. These are file system tests, graphics tests, built-in application tests, storage card tests, battery tests, and miscellaneous tests. Each of them can be compared to other devices that are already in the developer’s database or you can just test different devices and save the .xml file which is usually saved in the MyDocuments folder on your Pocket PC.

The majority of tests measure the speed of various components of the device or system. File system tests are performed to measure the speed of working with files; Graphics tests are performed to measure the performance of the graphics subsystem of the target Pocket PC; Built-in application tests measure the performance of common applications on a target Pocket PC device; Storage card tests are similar to file system tests, but unlike file system tests, they measure the performance of the storage card’s file system; Battery tests measure how long a target Pocket PC device can operate under different conditions with a full battery; The Miscellaneous section includes a series of tests that measure processor speed, data transfer, and file compression.

Benchmark Spb is user-friendly and includes a Desktop part which makes interaction with the Pocket PC much easier. With the help of the latter, you will be able to compare the results or perform the ActiveSync test, which will reveal the data transfer speeds when the device is synchronized. As I mentioned above, the app is completely free for personal use, as well as for journalists and critics. Those who intend to use the software for their business should pay around $ 495. Unfortunately, the app has not been updated since 2005 and does not support testing the latest processors. However, the marks made are precise and can be used to comparison purposes. Also, the developers no longer offer support for this app, but they respond to every email they get regarding this powerful software (I know, I checked).

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