Plus, Scene staff discusses a nationally known Tulsa-based interior designer

When you think of famed Tulsa interior designer Mel Bean, it’s natural to assume that she followed a uniform path that led to her highly successful career.

What many people don’t know about Bean, however, is that if it weren’t for a chance change of major at Oklahoma State University, she might never have started the business of interior design, Mel Bean Interiors, which has been recognized by publications such as Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Elle Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens and many more.

An honors student, Bean said she believed the only surefire formula for success was to pursue a degree in maths or science – in fact, she studied to become a clinical psychologist before changing courses to pursue design studies. interior.

“After two years in the (psychology) program, I realized I needed a creative outlet,” Bean said. “It was like society telling people who were taking specialist courses that being a lawyer or a doctor were the paths you were supposed to take. But interior design is my passion – now I look back and remember when I was home alone, rearranging furniture or removing accessories from all surfaces and putting them back. Even as a very young child, I drew architectural floor plans of houses, so there was a lot of creative interest there.

Despite her natural affinity for interior design, Bean has worked hard to turn her passion into a career.


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