Is there any chance to borrow money without fixed income? Definitely! Sure, you can get loans without a permanent job thanks to players like Freedom Finance and others.

Lenders like these offer a flexible overall assessment of credit risk. Loans without fixed income do not therefore have to be an obstacle, although it is of course tougher to get loans without fixed income compared to, for example, having a permanent employment that provides predictable monthly income.

In order to check that the borrower has an organized finances

In order to check that the borrower has an organized finances

A credit check is obtained for each application. Based on the information given by the lender, an individual assessment is then made.

Loans with collateral usually provide more favorable terms, and are generally always preferred compared to unsecured loans. Having access to some form of security definitely increases your chances of borrowing money directly. Just borrowing money quickly, especially bank loans without collateral, requires that you keep proper order on your paper.

Of course, it becomes even more difficult to calculate loans if you are to borrow money without income. If it is a student loan or equivalent loan , it may be wise to offer a “backup”, in other words a loan with a creditor. Then the chances increase significantly that the requested lender gives green light.

Loans without income


Borrowing money without fixed income can be a challenge even if you have a stable economy in general. How should you be able to convince the lender that you can repay a regular private loan? Getting a bank loan directly is usually done as a bank loan, but trying to get through a loan with no fixed income basically always requires that you have security in the form of a creditor who lays up.

It can be easy (but naïve) to think that loans on the Internet are just about loans with no requirements where you get money directly.

The truth is that there are certainly opportunities to borrow quickly


Not infrequently taking out a loan without collateral, but it costs a lot in the form of interest, especially if it concerns loans for students who are 18 and over, or a loan despite payment remarks. Remember, taking out a loan is too easy.

Make sure you still have some room for negotiation if you still need additional help with borrowing money without security. Of course, it is risky to borrow money without income. At the same time, mortgage companies tend to be good at announcing that it actually costs money to borrow money.