Courtesy of: Warbler Coffee Co.
: Monica Uribe
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BROWNSVILLE, TX (ValleyCentral) – With a sense of community and passion, a local man commits to his growing small business and launches Warbler Coffee.

Omar Garza is the owner of Warbler coffee, a local coffee company that now specializes in catering.

Warbler Coffe started out as a passion for caffeine when Garza began learning how to create a cold brew for his friends, family, and coworkers.

Working in a variety of jobs throughout his life, Garza decided to go into his business.

“It was a long journey to get here, but I also think in many ways that this is where I was supposed to be. I have explored a lot of career options… but coffee has always been something that has always been there.

Like many small businesses during the pandemic, Garza was able to invest more time in his business as the world came to a halt.

The 30-year-old business owner learned to create new beverage options with the help of his girlfriend, Samantha Hilton, to whom Garza credits most of her support.

As word of mouth started to spread and friends told their friends, Garza started to grow in number.

With an audience and the support of his community, Garza decided to fully invest his time in their small business in May 2020.

Say goodbye to his career in education in October 2020, giving the company an official name.

“It was just kind of a need like” Hey, it’s growing, I love coffee, I love that we connect with people through coffee, and let’s name that… This career [teaching] this is not where I will grow up and it is in fact in this company that I will grow as a person and professionally.

Once fully determined to launch his business, Garza began to receive a wave of support. Many are asking for new types of coffee creations, as well as questions about when they can buy from the company at in-person events.

“It was really difficult to venture out, especially with the pandemic. There was no market for this or that. It took a while, but after that time we became confident in what we are doing with the coffee. With this we have added more to our menu. Then we went to the markets and threw our biggest event at the Brownsville Farmers Market. “

While building on the business, Garza wanted everything to stay as local as possible, sourcing coffee beans from local business Grind Coffee in Edinburgh.

Now with a larger audience, Warbler Coffee has a mobile coffee cart that they use to organize events and venues.

Going forward, Garza hopes to expand Warbler Coffees’ catering operations.

“Being part of these great moments is really cool, not just as a business but on a personal level. You are able to make so many connections, it’s awesome.

Although Garza has ambitions to continue to grow, he plans to take his time as the company “will put quality before growth”.



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