Editor’s Note: This story is about suicide. If you or people you know are at risk for self-harm, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Congress candidate’s ex-girlfriend Martin Hyde last week called the police to report an angry argument. During the conversations, she said that Hyde was suicidal. Hyde then demanded that she retract a statement, and she did, but then stood by her original account.

The friend said she dated Hyde for six years and reported Hyde’s erratic behavior and expressed a desire to inform the public.

The girlfriend reported to Sarasota Hyde police was emotional and unstable after the latest outburst between the on-and-off couple. Police told Hyde about the allegation the day the woman called police and decided he “didn’t meet any criteria for police custody”.

This incident came after months of scrutiny into Hyde’s temper following a traffic stop caught on video where he threatened the work of a policewoman. East Hyde hard Rep. Vern Buchanana Republican from Longboat Key, in a Republican primary on Aug. 23.

The woman in an ongoing dispute with Hyde spoke to Florida Politics and said Hyde cheated on her in recent weeks with a younger woman.

Hyde denied his account to police and criticized Florida Politics for publishing the story.

“It’s literally fantasy. The story is fantastic. Florida Politics is fantasy,” he said. whatever. I care too much about people to throw dirt back at them. This is a shameful abuse of journalistic authority. Shame on the people who post it.

On the morning of August 5, the woman called the police and reported that Hyde had shown up at her house unannounced and the two had an argument. No crime was committed, but the woman told Florida Politics that Hyde threatened to have her arrested for using her home computer.

The report says the argument happened shortly after the woman sent screenshots of messages to Hyde’s new girlfriend revealing earlier conversations.

Hyde and the woman who called the police have dated on and off for the past six years, the report said. While the pair recently broke up, she told police Hyde threatened her if he found her in bed with another man to “shoot her”. Speaking to Florida Politics, she flatly denied telling police as much.

Hyde denied being suicidal to police and said everything she reported was “untrue”.

“He then hijacked the conversation by alleging that the caller burglarized his residence and searched the belongings of a woman who was at his home,” the report said.

During the first telephone contact, Hyde hung up the phone on police, according to the report, after expressing his displeasure body cameras were being used. He told police they should investigate his charges, but he refused to officially report any crimes committed by his ex-girlfriend.

She told Florida Politics her accusation stemmed from a moment in July when she walked past his house and found the garage door open. She said she went to check on her wellbeing and found another woman’s purse at home.

“I saw a handbag, which put me off,” she said. “I looked and opened the flap of a wallet because I wanted to see the name of the person in bed with my supposed future marriage partner. He was still promising me marriage, children, I wanted to know the truth.

She said that after seeing the other woman’s name, she closed the wallet.

The woman said her relationship with Hyde deteriorated over the coming weeks as it became clear he wanted to be in a relationship with a new woman instead. She texted the other woman, she said, to warn her character.

She told police that Hyde threatened to report her to the police for using her computer and accessing her emails.

The ex-girlfriend said one of the concerns about contact with police was Hyde’s repeated threats to kill himself, possibly as soon as 10 days in the future. She told police she had previously contacted Hyde’s son, a police officer, about his mental state.

Police spoke to Hyde’s son, who confirmed receiving text messages from the woman regarding his father’s mental health. But he did not believe his father was suicidal and said Hyde had in fact increasingly “planned for the future”.

This included discussing buying a new home and winding down his business. He said his father’s former girlfriend contacted him via text to find out if Hyde was suicidal, prompting him to contact Hyde and make sure he was okay. Hyde said he was.

The ex-girlfriend said Hyde made detailed plans to sell his business and give his money to his children before killing himself. She also showed video of the police at her home of Hyde showing up outside her front door and telling her to open it and provide “an explanation”.

“At this time, there is insufficient evidence to assert that Martin is of immediate harm to himself or others based on the totality of the circumstances,” the report concludes.

After Florida Politics reached out to Hyde for comment, the woman said Hyde showed up at her house. Shortly after, she sent Florida Politics a text renouncing her account.

“I have to be honest with you because I haven’t been and before this whole situation gets even more out of control I have to be honest and tell you that for some reason I guess due to my sadness or my pain at the end of the relationship, Anyway, I completely made up everything I said to the police and to you too, I’m so sorry because that’s not typically my behavior or my character and i’m not proud of myself for doing this but i wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if this got even more out of hand and knowing it was all a lie is not not me and that’s not who I want to be If you need me to sign anything or do anything more to take back anything I told you just let me know, thank you.

But the next day, she sent a letter to Florida Politics verifying her original story.

“Martin Hyde backed me into a corner, intimidating me and wouldn’t leave my house until I had ‘fixed’ the situation for him, when I first refused to do so, Mr. Hyde became very agitated and I was afraid of what he might do, either then or later in retaliation, as he repeatedly threatened him,” she said.

She supported the reporting to police and Florida Politics.

“Every word I said and provided to both the Sarasota Police Department and Mr. (Ogles) was absolutely the truth,” she said.

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