Micro loans are small loans, sms loans and fast loans that you apply for and get into your account on the same day or the following day. Micro loans have been on the Swedish market for many years now. it all started in 2005 when the first micro-loan company was started.

Abroad, the idea has been around much longer and was called in the UK Pay Day Loan. When microloans first came to Sweden, it was even easier and faster to get a microloans. But today, the market has been regulated so as not to encourage impulse purchases and indebted borrowers.

New laws have been developed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Consumer Agency, and microloan lenders have tightened their routines when lending these types of loans. Microloans have received quite harsh criticism in TV and newspapers, but the market has become much more serious in recent years.

We can help you find a micro loan if you want to borrow money quickly

We can help you find a micro loan if you want to borrow money quickly

Our lenders are responsible and always make a credit assessment. The credit assessment is done to determine a person’s ability to pay. Our lenders look for your current repayment ability. It may be possible to get a loan even if you have old payment notes, as long as your debts have been paid off for some time.

Micro loans – Micro loans (micro loans) tend to receive very severe criticism due to. that they have a noticeably higher effective interest rate than bank loans. But you can’t directly compare bank loans with microloans, since microloans usually have much lower requirements for borrowing.

It is usually about very small sums of money. In addition, you pay off a micro loan of maybe 14 days, 1 month or at most 3 months. Ordinary bank loans are usually arranged for at least one year. It is therefore a little strange to compare these as there are two completely different types of loans.

Most often, micro loans will be repaid in a few weeks


If you are planning to borrow large sums of money, you should instead consider taking out a private loan without collateral, also called a mortgage loan. These loans have lower interest rates and longer maturities. Blank loans are also intended for consumption so you can use the money for whatever you want. These loans are annuity loans, which means that you pay the same amount of money each month.

If you have decided to take a micro loan, it is still good to compare different micro loans on the market. There may be quite large price differences between different micro loans from different lenders.

So compare different lenders of microloans before deciding which one is right. This way you can get away relatively cheaply even when taking a micro loan. Look and compare. We compare some micro loans at Good Finance and we hope that our information will help you in your choice of micro loans.

Borrow money quickly


Borrow money quickly with a micro loan through Good Finance. We list a lot of different lenders with micro loans and you can apply for these loans quickly. Completing your application for a micro loan only takes a few minutes. You will get answers right away and the payouts are quick. Good Finance works to help you find a loan quickly and easily and get your borrowed money into the account directly. Several of our lenders allow you to borrow money quickly and you can get the money into your account the same day.

small loans

Small loans belong to the category of micro loans. If you want to take several small loans, you can expect to receive several notification fees. If you intend to take several small loans, it is smarter to choose a slightly larger loan with a longer maturity and a cheaper interest rate. Small loans are often very easy to get granted, but the price of the loans is often high.

Many people are attracted to small loans because it is so fast to get the borrowed money into the account. Others say that it is possible to borrow very small sums. Some people like that maturities are short and that they can pay off the loan in a very short time. However, keep in mind that even if you take a regular private loan, you can usually pay off the entire loan in advance. So if you have a payment period of one year, you can often repay the entire amount within a few months anyway, if you wish.