An Mt. Pleasant police officer said while responding to reports of a family dispute, he saw a man repeatedly hit a dog.

The officer was called to a South Crawford Street apartment in Mt. Pleasant at around 1:47 a.m. Sunday morning with a reported marital dispute, according to a police report into the incident.

As he entered the common area of ​​the building and approached the door, he reported hearing someone singing inside the apartment. So he went to the back to see if there was anyone else in the apartment.

While there, the officer said he saw a small Jack Russell terrier standing on the living room table and a man at the door with his phone in his hand. No one else was present.

The man became enraged, the officer reported. He started yelling “D ** n it” and “F ** k” and ran towards the dog and started hitting the animal, who started to scream.

The man either threw down the dog or the dog stood up and ran against the wall, the officer reported. The man continued to yell names and threw his coffee table at him, but he missed the dog.

The officer said he returned to the front of the apartment where he met another officer. They listened to the man inside the apartment continuing to swear and toss things. The officer said he heard the dog screaming several times as if he was being punched.

The policeman knocked on the door several times, the dog barking every time, according to the police report. The man yelled at the dog to be quiet but did not respond to requests to come to the door.

A police sergeant also at the scene said the man had turned off his lights and entered his room, the report said.

The report was handed over to the prosecution.

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