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Birdwatching: Man driving white SUV with a Virginia license plate yelled obscenities and made an obscene gesture at Walmart employees when they refused to refund the $ 175 he spent on a card Google Play because it had scratched the security film back on Tuesday. The man was seen on surveillance footage scratching the security film and taking a photo of the activation code, employees said. the phone in their faces. When told to leave the store, he refused, saying it was “public domain” and that Ohio was a “defend your territory” State. Employees said the man had attempted to provoke a physical altercation with them on several occasions and made vague threats. When told he was banned for life and the police had been called, he entered the parking lot where he continued to yell obscenities. Employees said he stormed off without his Google Play card, returned an hour later, demanding it returned and causing another disruption. They said he continued to harass workers and shove his phone in their faces. The store manager told police he told the man in the initial incident that he was no longer allowed on any Walmart property, especially the Steubenville store, and that he wanted bring criminal trespassing charges against him.

Gawking: A city police car was struck by a passing motorist as the officer assisted a disabled motorist in the 200 block of the John Scott Freeway on Tuesday. There were no injuries, but another officer was called to the scene to help, and OHP was dispatched to handle the accident report.

Brazen: A Wintersville resident followed two men who he said stole his gun from his vehicle while it was parked at Kroger lot on Monday. He said he saw the men standing around his vehicle and told them to get away, and when he got into his car he realized his gun had been stolen. He said he saw them get into a silver Chevy Trail Blazer so he followed them down Railroad Avenue where he pulled up in front of their car so he could see them well and the other car hit the passenger side. of his vehicle before heading south on State Route 7. He followed the couple to Brilliant before abandoning the chase and returning to Steubenville to file a theft report. He was able to provide the police with the license plate of the vehicle that struck his.

Pointed: A woman in the 700 block of North Seventh Street suffered superficial stab wounds after an argument with two other women erupted over the missing money on Sunday. The victim said she was trying to help the woman whose money was taken to get it back when the other woman assaulted her, hitting her in the face and repeatedly stabbing her with a pair of scissors. She refused medical treatment but told police she wanted to press charges.

Grumpy: A Langley Avenue resident told police someone stole two inflatable Christmas decorations from her yard overnight on Sunday. She said the decorations – one was Santa Claus on a sleigh, the other in a helicopter – were valued at $ 300.

Kids’ stuff: A resident of Sherman Avenue reported a juvenile problem on Monday. He told police the problem was with his neighbor’s children. Officers advised all parties to stay away from each other.

Reserved: Destiny Mullins, 36, 1533 Euclid Ave., Apt. B, Steubenville, and Deidre Elias, 37, 1405 Madison Ave., Toronto, warrants for failure to appear, Tuesday. Both were served following a traffic stop on State Route 7 at Washington Street. Police said the driver failed to report two left turns and received a warning for an offense.

A vehicle parked in the 1700 block of Oregon Avenue was struck by a motor vehicle accident driver on Tuesday. Police said the driver’s side mirror was badly damaged.

Loud and proud: Two people causing unrest in the 400 block of South Fifth Street told police they were arguing loudly but everything was fine on Tuesday. The police told them that their neighbors wanted to sleep and therefore had to reduce the noise.

Problems: A troubling couple in the 400 block of North Sixth Street blamed him for relationship problems on Monday. The two told police the disagreement was strictly verbal.

Code issues: The owner / occupant of a property at 413 South Seventh St. was advised to remove the garbage bags stacked on the front porch and in the side and back yards on Monday.

Stolen: Catalytic converters were stolen from at least eight vehicles parked in a parking lot at 200 North Third St. on Monday. Employees said they “still had others to watch” before a final account can be submitted.

Juveniles: Callers reported minors threw objects at homes in the 1200 block of Jefferson Street on Sunday. They were gone when the police arrived.

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