Jefferson County Sheriff

Big Catch: A Jefferson County man told deputies he and his fiancé were fighting and she started stalking him and he feared the disagreement could get physical on Saturday. He said he had worked 36 hours in the last three days and started watching a movie, and when she fell asleep he decided to check his work emails. He claimed she woke up and started arguing with him about always being on the phone so he tried to stay calm but when she “I just kept going and going” he called the police and got out to flee. He claimed that she told him she was going “blow his head off” and eventually “blow his head off” though he later admitted he wasn’t sure about that one. He said he just wanted her to go and he “annulled their marriage because of the way she was acting.” The woman disputed her account, telling deputies the man drinks a 30-pack every day. She told the deputies when she moved in that the two had a verbal agreement if things didn’t work out he would give her six months to move out and was wary of leaving for the night lest he let her in. The two were told that since she took up residence, he should let her back into the house. They took her to another place for the night.

Jacked: A Bloomingdalene resident who went to a barbecue on Monday said two jacks suddenly materialized under a Chevy Cruze parked on her property. The woman said she was unsure if anyone was trying to steal parts or the actual car, which had been destroyed some time ago and which she had planned to throw away. The officer said the tires and rims were still on the car, but the catalytic converter appeared to be missing.

Shake, rattle and roll: A resident of Frostview Drive, Wintersville, reported her neighbors blasting their music so loudly it made her walls vibrate, Sunday. When the deputies arrived they said they had not heard any music and had not seen anyone outside. The woman told them it was an ongoing problem, adding that the neighbors were playing music so loud it was shaking her walls and flipping her pictures sideways, but they managed to lower the volume when they knew officers were in the area. She said she had a protective order against them, but was denied because there were no witnesses or evidence to back up her claims. She said she had security cameras but they didn’t pick up bass, just sound.

Nature lovers: Island Creek Township residents visiting private property to view an eagle’s nest containing eggs have been told they must speak to owners before returning on Monday.

Cutting the cords: A Mount Pleasant woman said her Ethernet cable was cut on Sunday. She suspects the assailant was someone she knows.

Fertile soil: An Irondale couple said they drank a few beers and argued over how their garden had been laid out on Sunday. The woman told deputies her boyfriend told her she “do something messed up” put together. She told deputies she was fine, as was her boyfriend.

Domestic: Robert Binger, 44, 122 E. Main St., Adena, domestic violence, Saturday. Binger had contacted the sheriff’s department and 9-1-1 multiple times, asking deputies to remove her ex from their shared residence, but each time she was told she couldn’t be forced to move since she had taken up residence. He said he didn’t feel safe with her in the house because there were a lot of guns and claimed he had a recording of her saying their relationship wasn’t working. Her ex eventually called, telling deputies he was breaking up her things and throwing them in the yard. When they arrived at the residence, deputies allege Binger smelled of alcohol and told them her ex “wasn’t getting his stuff out fast enough, so he started throwing it out and destroying it.” They said that upon entering the residence, they observed a lot of broken furniture and glass all over the floor.

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