Jefferson County Sheriff

Booked: A Tiltonsville woman said her boyfriend punched her in the side of the face and tried to shoot her with a gun during an argument on Wednesday. Deputies charged Shane Kutys, 25, 217 Mound St., with domestic abuse after the woman told them he had been drinking and hit her, threatened to burn her things and kill her animals. She said she ran away when he went into the closet and leaned down to the floor, where he kept his gun safe.

Much ado about nothing: A 33-year-old man from Tiltonsville called 911, yelling at a dispatcher that a man and woman he let into his home stole his cellphone on Wednesday. The dispatcher had trouble getting information because the man “kept interrupting him and yelling at him”, noted the deputies. When the deputy arrived, the man said he didn’t need to speak with the two people as he got his phone back.

Reserved: Sara Carrierk, 47, 49 Township Road 1285, Richmond, flight, Wednesday.

Steubenville Police

Worrying: Police found a handgun in an unoccupied SUV parked in the 600 block of Franklin Avenue shortly before midnight Wednesday. Initially, a man who “maybe” had a gun in his lap was seen sitting in the vehicle with the driver’s side door open and several other people standing around the vehicle, but when police arrived the SUV was unoccupied and the gun was on the side headquarters. The owner of the vehicle is in jail and it is unclear who drove the car to the scene, police said. While checking the immediate area, officers found a loaded Ruger LSR .380 in a box on the ground next to a blue Dodge Charger that was also unoccupied. He was seized.

Batty: A resident of Euclid Avenue told police she had a bat in her bathroom on Wednesday. They couldn’t find him.

Served: Neysa Hess, 25, 723 Market St. B, Steubenville surrendered on a warrant for failure to appear, Wednesday

Quoted: Tavauntae Ware, 22, 1301 Belleview Blvd., Steubenville, no operator license and noisy exhaust; Danica Smith, age not stated, 627 Jeanette Avenue, Steubenville, expired plates and driving under suspension.

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