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Hard-headed: Callers reported a possible overdose in the 400 block of North Fifth Street on Friday, but when police arrived the woman was awake, alert and did not need Narcan, police said. She denied using drugs, but witnesses said she tripped and fell twice, hitting her head on the concrete. Officers could not determine if she was intoxicated, so Steubenville Fire/EMS transported her to Trinity West for treatment.

Obvious: A Maxwell Avenue resident says three men pulled up outside her residence on Friday and one of them held a gun to her face. She said she was sitting on her porch when it happened, and told police one of the intruders made a comment about being rude to her grandmother, pulled a gun from a bag banana and pointed it at her and threatened to kill her. She said she thinks it stems from an ongoing issue with her landlady.

Pushy: A woman called 9-1-1 claiming to have a panic attack on Seventh Street at Ross Avenue on Saturday. The woman told police her house burned down and Hancock County officials dropped her off at Martha Manor, but she didn’t want to be there. The police agreed to take her to the hospital, but about half an hour later they were called to remove her from the property because she was causing trouble and had refused medical treatment. She told police she no longer wanted to be in hospital because staff wouldn’t let her shower and asked to be taken to Weirton, which they complied with.

Familiar face: Police were asked to check on a man who was lying in a parking lot on the 200 block of North Seventh Street on Friday, but when they arrived he got up and told them he was fine.

Time to stop: A Steubenville woman was arrested for drunk driving following a traffic stop Saturday in the 200 block of North Sixth Street. Jillian Guzik, 35, 3109 Central Ave., was charged with OVI and cited for expired plates and driving with an OVI suspension, police said. Guzik was spotted traveling east on Sunset Boulevard “at a very high speed.” Police allege her eyes were bloodshot and shiny and smelled of alcohol, and claim she told them she had had three beers and already had two OVIs. Guzik allegedly claimed that she was rushing downtown to locate a family member who had messaged her about harming himself, so police searched for the individual for his safety and had him found at home, sleeping. Police said Guzik had become “very argumentative” when she was informed of the charges they had filed against her, at one point grabbing an ink pen and holding it behind her back and another, throwing herself onto the prison floor.

Too much partying: Police responded to Langley Avenue on Saturday after receiving a report of individuals yelling at each other. Once there, a passerby pointed them to a field behind the stadium and told them that a big fight had just taken place in the empty field. As they drove down the street, police said a large crowd dispersed, some on foot and some in cars. An individual living in the neighborhood said he threw a party “When a few guys decided they wanted to fight, then he told them to go out there.” The police told him to keep the noise down.

No signs: Police checked the 2300 block of Chestnut Street and surrounding areas on Friday after receiving a report of gunshots, but officers were unable to locate any evidence or witnesses.

Rough: A pedestrian and a car collided Friday at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Avenue. The driver told police she was turning left onto Wilshire when the pedestrian entered her vehicle, while the pedestrian said he was driving through Wilshire and was hit by the car. Police said there was a small dent in the bonnet of the car and the pedestrian complained of left elbow pain and headaches.

Quoted: Alysa H. Wentz, 27, 801 Oakmont Ave., Steubenville, hit-skip. Wentz allegedly cut the rear bumper of a vehicle in the turning lane at the Lincoln Avenue-Wilson Avenue intersection and then fled.

Quoted: Nicholas S. Reiner, 29, 180 N. Fourth St., Apt. 304, Steubenville, plates outdated. Police said they noticed the car had no license plate and when they stopped the driver he told them the driver in front of him had the plates at his house and that’s where they pulled up were leading when he was arrested. A tow truck was called after police realized the plates had expired, and in the meantime the other driver arrived and initially claimed he didn’t know Reiner had taken the car and said that the plates should have “flew away”. After the police told him what Reiner had said, he remembered that he was ahead of him and knew he was driving the car.

The kids are talking: A resident of the 300 block of Scenic Drive said he heard a loud noise on Friday, and when police investigated, a group of kids told them they threw a rock at a nearby parking sign . The police made them remove the stones from the roadway and advised them to stop throwing them.

Jumped: A Pennsylvania Avenue resident told police he was jumped by four or five men in a parking lot in the 4100 block of Sunset Boulevard on Saturday. Police said he had several cuts on his face.

Help needed: A Carnegie Street resident was harassing doctors on a mental health helpline on Saturday. The police advised the man if he was going to call the hotline he should not yell at his employees.

Too much: A possible overdose was reported in the 500 block of Linden Avenue on Saturday. Police said the man was unresponsive until given Narcan. After being alert, he told the police he had smoked crack cocaine, so they gave him a drug treatment form and he was flown to Trinity West for treatment.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Let him go: A Leetonia woman told MPs her boyfriend jumped out of his car during an argument in Tiltonsville on Sunday. She said they were driving home when he became very agitated and started throwing food inside the vehicle, making it difficult for him to see where she was going. She said she stopped and he got out, threw more food and walked away, carrying two backpacks and carrying a handgun on his hip. She wasn’t sure what she was allowed to do, and the deputies told her that as long as the car she was driving belonged to her, she could go home, which she did. Deputies couldn’t find the male.

Love gone wrong: A Steubenville man needed police help to retrieve his phone from his ex-girlfriend on Saturday. He told MPs they were dating and he had been staying with her for the past two weeks but had not officially moved in, until Friday when he stayed with his sister. The girlfriend thought he was cheating on her and told him to pack up and leave. As he walked to the door, she asked for his key, and when he told her he didn’t have it, she searched his pockets. When she couldn’t find the key, she took her phone and told him he could get it when he returned the key. He told deputies he was not interested in pressing charges as long as he had his phone. She told deputies she wouldn’t return the phone until she had the key because she was worried he might break in and steal her things, but they told her the phone and the keys were not pawns in their breakup. She eventually gave the deputy the phone, then told him she was going to buy a new doorknob so her key wouldn’t work.

Trouble via TikTok: A Richmond woman said someone on TikTok told her he deposited $3,500 in her bank account on Saturday and wanted it back, and when she froze the account so that his bank can investigate, he bombarded it with threats. She told deputies she was unaware of the deposit until he told her and does not know how he got her banking information. The bank told him that the deposit was made through CashApp and that the deposit was in his name.

Unnecessary: ​​A Mt. Pleasant resident reported that someone spray painted graffiti on a vehicle Saturday.

Bad choice: Two toddlers were spotted playing with a broom in the middle of Maple Avenue in Dillonvale on Saturday. The mum wasn’t home and the dad had dozed off, leaving the eldest, 3, to open the door so they could both go out and play.

Accused: Michael G. Northcraft, 49, 294 Township Road 457, Irondale, arms disabled, Friday.

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