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Elementary school stuff: A Pennsylvania Avenue resident told police someone stole her mail on Friday. She said the thief took the statement and left the envelope empty, and reminded police that she had ongoing issues with a woman who frequents the area and walks past her house yelling and shouting obscenities at home. her, her and her juvenile daughter.

Gash: A pedestrian suffered a small cut to his elbow when he was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross Market Street on Friday. The motorist told police she was turning right from the 400 block of South Fourth Street. The pedestrian said he was on the crosswalk that started across the street. Steubenville firefighters/EMS treated him at the scene and he refused to go to the hospital.

Quoted: Owen P. Regan, ageless and skillless, followed too closely; Tina Quattrochi, ageless, 4505 Scioto Drive, Steubenville, loose dog; Abigail L. Glover, 24, 106 Mary Ann Place, Mingo Junction, no operator license; Dianna Welling, 50, 2623 Whitehaven Blvd., Steubenville, DUS; Robert Geary, 32, 790 County Road 28, Steubenville, no operator’s license and no stop lights.

It doesn’t add up: A man was found on the sidewalk at the back of a building in the 400 block of North Sixth Street, unresponsive, on Friday. A passerby had his sternum massaged while waiting for the police, and when he woke up the man said he was tired. He denied being drunk or under the influence of drugs, saying he had just been released from prison and could not sleep while there. He denied needing medical attention, but officers noted that his speech was slurred and his pupils were pinpoints, he was unsteady on his feet and appeared very lethargic. He was told the landlord wanted him gone and told of the consequences if he was found unconscious again on the roadway or sidewalk.

Practice: A North Sixth Avenue resident told police she believed her son swiped her phone while she was napping and sent $200 to herself from her Chime account on Friday. She said her son was visiting her and she left her phone unattended while she took a nap, only to find out about the two $100 transactions later. The police suggested that he secure his cell phone with a passcode.

Drugs: A Steubenville woman was arrested for drug trafficking after she was found unconscious in an abandoned property in the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue on Saturday. Sasha Ely, 40, of no fixed address, was incarcerated in the county jail for possession of drug addiction instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia, a hypodermic needle and a pink rubber fixation tube. Police say a bystander administered nasal Narcan before Steubenville firefighters/EMS arrived on the scene, and when they themselves arrived, firefighters said Ely was responsive. Her companion told police she had only been there a few minutes before she found Ely unresponsive and called for help, and eventually said she had been on heroin. Ely received a drug treatment form.

Stay away: A Parkdale Road woman, who police say was intoxicated, complained that after her neighbors turned their car into her driveway, they drove off complained that his dogs approached his car on Saturday. She said she has two dogs, one large breed which she keeps chained outside and the other a small dog which she keeps with a shock collar, and said she has some tired of them talking about her and her animals. The police spoke with the neighbor, who told them that her boyfriend had turned around in the woman’s driveway and when he did, the woman opened the door and “released his two dogs screaming, howling and raging after them,” wake up her children. She asked the police to tell the drunk woman to stay off her property. Both men have been advised to stay away from each other’s properties or risk being charged with criminal trespassing. The dog’s owner has also been told that her dogs must be leashed or chained when outside.

Tight lips: Police responded to reports of an active fight in the 200 block of South Sixth Street on Saturday. When they arrived they said there was a large group of people leaving the area, but, “No one was willing to tell us about the incident.”

Tags: A Kendall Avenue resident said his neighbors across the street turned on lights in his windows on Sunday. He said it was a recurring problem and at one point the neighbor shouted obscenities at him and told him to mind his own business.

Stroke of luck: Steubenville firefighters called for help with a possible overdose in the 700 block of South Street on Sunday. When an officer administered a sternum rub, the woman regained her faculties and was able to speak with officers. She was able to stand on her own and walk around and told the police that she “wanted us to leave”, so they did.

Headbutt: Police were asked to check on a man who was allegedly robbed and injured in the head, but when they located him in the 200 block of South Fourth Street he told them he had been drinking, fell and hit his head on Saturday. He told them at one point that he had lost his wallet but had not been robbed.

Didn’t listen: Police were asked to find out why a minor stood in front of a van full of adults in the parking lot outside Dick’s Sporting Goods on Saturday. The adults told them that the minor had a fight with his younger brother, so they took him out.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Walk this direction: Callers reported a woman walking in traffic near the Smith Oil gas station on Bantam Ridge Road, Wintersville, on Saturday. Erika Benitez, 22, 306 Bantam Ridge Road, was taken into custody after deputies discovered she had an outstanding warrant in Steubenville City Court for failure to appear.

Brazen: An East Springfield resident found the catalytic converter sheared off his 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee on Saturday. The Jeep was parked in front of her house. She told MPs when she drove it a week ago that it worked great. It has a home security system monitoring the area where the vehicle was parked.

Even in place: A Martins Ferry couple needed deputies to help them recover two handguns and ammunition they had left with a former neighbor in Amsterdam for safekeeping and which he had refused to render, Thursday. The man said he traded a pellet grill to the old neighbor for some wood to build a chicken coop, then the old neighbor told him the wood was worth more than the grill, so he held the guns at fire until he gives her the difference for the chicken coop. The former neighbor allegedly started harassing his wife and threatening to lie and asking the CPS to remove his children from their home. Deputies spoke with the former neighbor, who told them the wood was worth about $250 more than the grill and claimed the man had offered him the guns in payment for the rest of the money owed, but he had no documentation to prove the weapons had been transferred. He repeatedly claimed he was a retired police officer and would take a polygraph to prove the man had given him the guns, but deputies reminded him that a polygraph is inadmissible in court and that the documents transferring ownership of the guns are supposed to be handed over when the guns are. He agreed to return the weapons and to appeal to the courts. In the meantime, the two met at the Jefferson County Justice Center for a weapons swap.

Booked: Joshua Blackburn, 25, 16144 State Route 213, Irondale, no-appearance, Saturday; Ryan Miller, 37, 3744 Main St., Apt. 215, Weirton, failure to appear, Saturday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Taylor Peters, 27, 3156 Weir Ave., Weirton, OVI, speeding and no operator’s license, Saturday.

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