Jefferson County Sheriff

Twisted: A couple who had been drinking all night ended up in an argument in their front yard on Township Route 378 on Friday. The man said the fighting started when she couldn’t find his wallet and blamed him for taking it, and told deputies the last time he saw her was c was next to his keys. He said that at one point she threw a bottle of Febreeze at him and continued to “get in his face.” He said they were screaming at each other and she was getting out of control so he pulled her to the ground. The woman admitted to throwing the bottle of Febreeze at her and punching her, but missed, but said she “only had some Twisted Tea,” while he was drinking “mostly alcohol.” He said they had been dating for about four months, but he “can’t see the relationship working anymore.”

Lawn battle: Another Jefferson County resident is upset that someone is mowing part of what he says is his lawn on Friday. The Wintersville man said he and an aunt were arguing over a strip of land next to his mother’s fence which she said was part of her grandmother’s property, and when he tried to tell her to stay away, she ignores him. The aunt said Grandma owned the strip and she was bringing in a surveyor to mark the boundaries.

Unpleasant: An Amsterdam resident reported that a neighbor killed a dog on Friday. The resident said he heard what sounded like a gunshot and then saw a man carrying a “black bag with something inside,” and said the dog was out of sight. After putting the bag in the bed of his truck, the man threw the dog’s chain over the fence. Deputies said there was no sign of a dog or casings when they arrived at the property, but the dog’s owner later contacted the department to report that a family member admitted to a text that he had shot his dog and wanted to know how she knew.

Creepy: A Jefferson County man was bothered because a Level 2 sex offender asked his girlfriend’s name and where she lives on Friday. He said his girlfriend was 23 but looked much younger and felt like the man was stalking her. Deputies said it was not a crime to ask about her, but the couple could get a protective order if they thought it necessary.

Fatal: A Jefferson County man died of an apparent overdose on Wednesday. Family members told deputies they were aware of eight previous occasions when he was resuscitated with Narcan, and said he had been on a downward spiral fueled by alcohol and drugs since the death of a family member last year.

Booked: William Fluharty, 63, 2613 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton, failure to appear, Friday.

Steubenville Police

Over the hill: A vehicle was idling in the backyard of a house in the 2100 block of Myers Street on Saturday. Dispatchers reported that he drove over a hill, and police said the yard was damaged and the mailbox was knocked over.

The driver told police he was from Mountaineer and got lost and did not know how he was wrecked. Billy Hupp, 28, of no address given, was cited for failure to check.

Recorded: Police were called to remove survey tape a homeowner had put up outside his residence in the 4500 block of Lexington Avenue so people going to an auction wouldn’t park there on Saturday.

Dogged: A jogger in the 1500 block of Ridge Avenue said a dog charged at him but his chain stopped him before he reached him on Friday. He told police he said something to the dog and a woman yelled at him that her dog was going “(expletive) kill him.” When he returned on his way home, he said a man accused him of threatening his wife with a knife and shouting profanities at her.

Petit: A man in the 600 block of Lincoln Boulevard reported several men on motorcycles chasing him on Friday. He said he and his girlfriend got into a fight and told police he thought she said something to the men to get them to come after him.

Games people play: A man says his ex threatened to mass spray him when he approached their son in a Market Street parking lot on Friday. He said he was going home when he saw his child and said he wasn’t going to pass by without recognizing him, but she didn’t like it and pulled out his mace. She said he had said something earlier to her new boyfriend that she didn’t like.

Slow down: Concerned resident near Southeast Drive told police delivery driver “constantly drives through the area at high speed,” and when asked to slow down “was heard shouting obscenities towards the residents.” The caller expressed concern about children playing in the area.

Be glad he’s gone: A Forest Avenue resident said her ex was trying to bully her on Friday. She said he kept calling her on her cell and landline, and this time left a message that he was going to come to her house and get her stuff out whether she was there or not. She said he also subscribed to gun magazines and had them sent to her house.

Shenanigans: A tow truck operator who seized a trailer that had been left on commercial land says the man claiming to be the owner paid to release it and sell it, then he got a call from a Pittsburgh man who said it was stolen from him on Friday. Police told the tow operator to contact the buyer and ask him to bring the trailer back so they could check its condition.

Shaken: Miners in the 500 block of North Fifth Street were throwing rocks at someone sitting in a tent on Friday. The police located the miners and advised them to stop.

Split: A business owner told police someone rammed a maul into the back of his truck, denting and moving the tailgate, while he was at Rural King on Friday. Police said the point of impact matched the split maul. Detectives follow.

Disturbed: A resident of Walden Avenue told police her ex harassed and threatened her, but could not give them examples of what he did to scare her on Friday. She said he followed her around town in his vehicle.

Quoted: John Joseph Scheetz, 48, 946 Highland St., Steubenville, DUS and stop sign violation;

Tacky: Someone stole copper pipes from an abandoned property on the 1300 block of Maryland Avenue, flooding it, Saturday.

Reserved: Naydine M. Frantz, 61, 1213 Claire Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Saturday; Christian S. Steiner, 22, Mobile, AL, tampering, Sunday; and Dennis R. Robinson, 40, 908 Carnegie St., Steubenville, felony assault, Sunday.

Served: Sarah A. John, 45, 912 Byron St., Weirton, arrest warrant, Friday;

Code Issues: Notices of Violation have been sent to property owners/occupiers at 1228 Oak Grove Ave., 1304 Oregon Ave., 1312 Oregon Ave., 1326 Oregon Ave., 1417 Oregon Ave., 1517 Oregon Ave., 911 Pittsburgh St ., all for tall grass/weed; and 1420 Arlington Ave., litter and trash strewn in front and indoor furniture in back yard, tall grass/weeds.

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