Jefferson County Sheriff

Families: A man from Wheeling helping his mother locate her stolen car said he found her and her sister in the parking lot of Smithfield Presbyterian Church on Saturday. He said his sister took the car, a Honda Accord, from McMechen, and when he found it in the church parking lot, she cursed at him and put the vehicle in reverse and the crashed into her Honda Ridgeline, then fled to Brilliant where she ran out of gas on Second Street. The mother reported a physical confrontation when she confronted her which ended with the young woman running towards Ohio Street. Both told MPs they wanted to press charges against the thief.

Fraud: A home health worker is in custody after allegedly using a patient’s debit card and stealing nearly $ 4,000 from his account on Friday. MPs said Karen Lee Peck, 56, 12092 State Route 150, Rayland, was charged Friday with theft without consent, credit card abuse and witness intimidation. MPs allege that Peck took the man’s debit card without his knowledge and when the scheme was discovered, forced the victim to call and tell them that he had given her permission to take it. She later told them that he had agreed to pay him back when she had the money. The bank has already reimbursed the patient and is now officially listed as a victim of the crime, and has informed MPs that it wants to prosecute.

Reserved: Kenneth Bartley, 49, 38 Connie St., Island Creek Township, Steubenville, Domestic Violence, Saturday. The callers had reported domestic disturbances and when there they observed a red mark on the female’s right ear and marks on her right arm, forehead and neck. She told them the argument started after she was pulled over by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and told the man, who was in a truck in front of her at the time, that he should just surrender. . She said when they got home she told Bartley he should surrender, so he picked up her phone, got into a fight with her and butted her, hitting her in the lip and smothering her as well before running out the back door and throwing her phone into the yard, according to a report. She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to press charges, but MPs informed her they were wearing them for her safety.

Litigation: An altercation erupted when a woman went to a Richmond residence to collect her belongings on Saturday. MPs said she had blood on her mouth and redness on her neck and collarbone, and the side of her face was slightly swollen, and told them that her ex had hit her on the face and on the chest. head, then tried to suffocate her and dragged her out. from the house even though he had accepted that she could collect her things. He claimed he asked her to leave and she went mad, throwing things and causing damage. She told MPs she got angry after he told her she would have to buy her meth if she wanted her stuff.

Missing: A Toronto man who took his two sons hunting said they put their Remington rifle on a haystack and forgot about it, and when they returned to pick it up later, there was none more, Friday.

Reserved: Richard Allen Johnson, 53, 2338 Chestnut St., Steubenville, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Sunday; Kenneth Bartley III, 49, 38 Connie St., Steubenville, domestic violence, theft and disrespect, Friday.

Steubenville Police

Responded: Officers responded to the 300 block of Woodlawn Road near Piece of Pie Park on Sunday for gunfire. Police said they were able to locate the source of the gunfire and collect evidence.

Incident: A motorist reported an officer on Fourth in Market Street to report that the driver of another vehicle cut him off and gestured on Sunday. When the officer stopped to speak to him, the offending driver fled.

Give it back: A woman who lost her cell phone at a club after a night out said the woman who found it agreed to meet her at the Sunoco on Seventh Street to return it, but once there, she asked for money on Sunday. The victim said the other woman accused her of stealing her and refused to hand the phone over to her until she was paid. Police were able to locate the vehicle involved.

Saved: Children throwing a soccer ball stuck it on the back awning of a building in the 800 block of N. Sixth Street on Sunday. The children tried to dislodge the balloon by throwing pieces of concrete, residents reported. The police called the fire department who freed the balloon.

Tied: A Cherry Avenue resident left his dog tied to a tree and barked on Sunday. Callers reported him to the police, who asked him to bring the dog inside.

Threats: Callers reported a man walking on the roadway threatening to injure people on Sunday. Police located a man on Lawson Avenue near Orchard Street, but he denied saying anything to anyone. He was advised to go home and stop walking in the street.

Reserved: Robert P. Turner, 32, 208 Wilma Ave., Steubenville, Motor Vehicle Firearm Mishandling and Handicapped Weapons, Saturday.

Cited: Kenneth Geiger, 31, 356 Terrace Ave., Steubenville, DUS.

Predictable: A resident of the 800 block of N. Sixth reported that someone got into her unlocked car and removed an EBT card and debit card on Sunday.

Callers complained of a woman in the 800 block of N. Sixth Street playing her radio too loud on Sunday. When the police arrived, they said they had turned the volume down. The woman said she was moving and a neighbor may have heard her stacking boxes or moving furniture.

Township of Wells

Reserved: Justin Nicholson, 32, 183 Meadow Road, Wintersville, child endangerment, DHS, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of addiction devices, Sunday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Reserved: Christopher Yanda, 27, 6 Morningside Dr., Wintersville, DUS, felony warrant, Saturday.

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