REED CITY – At the age of 15, Taylor Whaling had her eyes set on some brand new leather upholstery for Christmas.

After being informed that a new set of tack would be out of the question, she then focused on a beginner leatherworking kit, so she could craft her own set of tack.

Almost a decade later, at age 24, Whaling turned her passion into her own company called Triple T Custom Leather, where she manufactures and sells various leather goods, such as belts, reins, hats and halters. bronc.

“It was just a hobby and I kind of did my own stuff, and sometimes something for a friend,” Whaling said. “Slowly more and more people started to know what I was doing and then they asked for stuff. “

While in high school, Whaling was a member of Future Farmers of America through the Cadillac Technical Center, where she used her leatherwork for some assignments, and eventually began selling her work.

Whaling said she was able to finance part of her tuition at Michigan State University by selling her handcrafted leather goods.

She brought her gear with her to East Lansing, and the business started to pick up steam.

“I moved everything to my dorm during my first year at MSU; I raised my bed as high as possible and put everything under it, ”said Whaling. “I had a few noise violations, because tool leather is quite noisy.”

Whaling then brought Triple T Custom Leather with her to her college apartment, before bringing it back to Reed City.

Since then, it has been his full-time job.

According to the article, Whaling said there are some things that take as little as 20 minutes to make, and others can take a few days.

“I do so many different things,” Whaling said. “Sometimes I buy patterns from other leatherworkers who have put patterns up for sale, and sometimes I draw my own.

“Drawing the leather or the tooling models can be very difficult, and I have a hard time with that. It’s something I really want to improve myself at. “

Whaling has a constant online presence and tracking through their website, Facebook pages and Instagram.

She also converted a horse trailer into a mobile saddlery, where she can be seen selling her wares at horse shows and barrel races across the Midwest.

“I travel all over Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio to go to big shows and sell them stuff,” Whaling said.

Contact details

Instagram: triple_t_custom_leather

Facebook: Custom Triple T Leather



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