This year in August, Samsung unveiled two foldable smartphones called Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. These devices are currently the most available foldable smartphones on the market. While both smartphones were a huge upgrade from their predecessors, Samsung has reportedly started work on the next Galaxy Z series devices. As the nomenclature suggests, these devices will be called Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4. .

According to a report by GSMarena, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will have an improved underscreen camera. Since the smartphone has two selfie cameras, one on the primary display and the other on the secondary display on the front of the device, both are said to be under-displayed. This means that these cameras will not cause obstruction to the display in the form of black punch holes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 could have an improved hinge and camera system

The report also suggests that the rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 should improve as well. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has three 12MP cameras on the rear panel. The improvement could be in terms of sensors that are larger than those found on other flagship Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra). Besides the improved camera, many eyes will see the improvement Samsung is able to make with the hinge system in its next iteration of the foldable smartphone.

Previous attempts to make a hinge were partly successful because they worked, but included the structural integrity of the smartphone. Several reports of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series display failure had come in the past during the early stage of the technology. Now that Samsung has developed a smartphone with a foldable screen that is resistant to everyday wear and tear and can be used by a general public, a better hinge system and better water resistance are expected from the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy Flip4 are reportedly being tested

The Samsung Galaxy Flip4 prototype is developed with both the conventional punch hole front camera and the relatively new built-in camera technology. In addition, the smartphone is also expected to have a better hinge system and other subtle improvements. It would be launched with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 in the second half of 2022. Since all information is not confirmed by the company, readers will take it with a grain of salt.

Those who got their hands on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, including enthusiasts and critics alike, had reservations about the quality of the front-facing camera below the display on the main display. The premature implementation of under-screen camera technology reduced the image quality because the glass above the camera sensor is not completely clear (because it has transparent pixels to double as part of the screen).



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