After interviewing site staff about their experience with SMi testScienceMedia reported three key findings: when asked if SMi trials the training provided a clear explanation of key points and how to avoid potential risks, 91% of site personnel strongly agreed or agreed; 80% were completely or very satisfied with the training provided by SMi test; and most strikingly, 78% of site staff strongly agree or agree they prefer SMi test on traditional PowerPoint when receiving protocol-specific training.

“Again, proof that clinical sites prefer ScienceMedia’s protocol compliance management over traditional, boring PowerPoint! Even as sites faced COVID challenges throughout 2021, 1,000,000 pages views demonstrate how the right protocol-specific training solution can effectively drive site engagement for clinical studies,” says ScienceMedia CEO, Marc Surles.

Surles continues: “These positive survey results help to SMi trials position as a proven protocol compliance management solution – we couldn’t be more excited to start 2022 on such a positive note. »

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About Science Media
ScienceMedia enhances clinical skills through innovative multimedia learning solutions. SMi test™, for on-site testing, and SMi testD, for decentralized or hybrid trials, are protocol compliance management platforms that mitigate clinical risk and lower the cost of trials. SMi Source™ delivers just-in-time, fully-referenced disease and clinical trial topic information through a mobile, cloud-based medical science library with over 16,000 micro-learning topics and over 400 comprehensive courses .

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