If you’re looking to kick your productivity up a notch (or if you’re just a very slow typist), the best text-to-speech software is a surefire way to do it. The idea is quite simple: you speak, and the software detects your words and converts them into text format. The applications are nearly endless, from dictating thoughts and taking notes to creating lengthy documents without having to type a word yourself. Yet despite this, few businesses and professionals are taking full advantage of what text-to-speech software can offer them.

The good news is that the best text-to-speech software doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – or anything, depending on your needs. There are a handful of notable services out there, though, and it’s important to pick the right one. This is where we come in. Below, we’ve rounded up the best text-to-speech software platforms, with our picks covering a wide range of platforms, features, and price points.

dragon anywhere

  • Price: $15 per month or $150 per year
  • Free try: Yes
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Voice editing and formatting
  • Cloud-based file storage and sharing
  • AI learning adapts to your speech

If you already know a bit about the best text-to-speech software, chances are you’ve heard of Dragon. Dragon Anywhere is a dedicated text-to-speech mobile app that delivers a high degree of accuracy with its state-of-the-art speech recognition software that can adapt to your own speech patterns. In other words, Dragon Anywhere can actually learn How? ‘Or’ What you speak, down to the cadence of your sentence and the pronunciation of words. In case he makes a mistake, you can edit and format using only your voice. Dragon Anywhere also allows continuous dictation with no word limits or length limits, and your text documents are stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing with colleagues when you need them.

Dragon Anywhere is by far the best text-to-speech software for mobile users, given that it’s fully designed to be used on iOS and Android devices, making it the perfect choice for translators, lawyers, accountants, and more. professionals who need to turn spoken dialogue into written notes. It’s a bit like having a virtual stenographer. Plus, it’s useful for anyone who wants to be able to “join” things hands-free. Its cloud-based sharing also makes Dragon Anywhere ideal for group work.

Dragon Anywhere is a paid service with monthly and yearly subscription plans. You can pay on a monthly basis for $15, but if you like the service, the $150 annual subscription is a better value (basically you get two months free every year). If you want to try it out first, a one-week free trial of Dragon Anywhere is also available. There are Dragon software suites available for business users on Windows, and Dragon Anywhere syncs with them seamlessly. You also get a Dragon Anywhere subscription at no extra cost – a $150 value – with Dragon Home and Dragon Professional desktop versions, which might be better value depending on your needs.

Amazon Transcript

Speech-to-text transcription service from Amazon AWS.
  • Price: From $0.024 per minute
  • Free try: Yes, the free plan provides 60 audio minutes per month for the first 12 months
  • Platforms: Most devices with a microphone
  • HIPAA eligible and compatible with electronic health record systems
  • Integrates with AWS cloud services
  • Call Analytics extracts data and insights from customer interactions

If you need a more professional solution, then Amazon Transcribe is one of the best text-to-speech software services for small and large businesses. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with Amazon Web Services, so if your website and/or business already uses one of these services, setup should be a breeze. You can create text documents, transcribe conversations and videos, translate speech, and more. What really sets Amazon Transcribe apart from other text-to-speech applications (apart from its AWS integration) is its host of great features suitable for business environments.

For example, its call analytics feature can automatically extract useful information from customer interactions, allowing you to adjust and personalize your customer service. It’s also HIPAA-eligible and compatible with electronic health record systems for easy uploading and management of medical transcripts and other patient data. Amazon Transcribe is specifically designed for businesses, especially large enterprises (not to mention organizations like hospitals), which should come as no surprise given its integration with Amazon Web Services.

Compared to other dictation software, Amazon Transcribe’s pricing structure is somewhat unique in that its monthly subscription fees are based on the number of audio minutes you use, with plans starting at $0.024. per minute and decreasing the price per minute for higher levels. If you’re looking for the best text-to-speech software for business applications, Amazon Transcribe is hard to beat.


Braina Pro text-to-speech tool logo.
  • Price: $79 for an annual subscription, $200 for life
  • Free try: Yes, basic free plan available
  • Platforms: The Windows; companion app available for iOS and Android
  • Includes over 100 languages
  • Acts as a virtual assistant for your PC
  • Remote PC control via Android or iOS mobile devices

If Dragon and Amazon Transcribe are overkill for your needs, Braina is one of the best text-to-speech software suites for individual users. We named it the best all-rounder in our roundup of the best dictation software, because Braina can be considered more of a virtual assistant for your PC than just a text-to-speech app. Think of it as being a bit like Siri or Alexa, but more focused on productivity (and much more powerful and versatile in that respect) while also being capable of great text-to-speech features thanks to its impressive voice recognition AI that understands more than 100 languages.

If you feel like you might need a helping hand in the office but don’t want to hire a personal assistant, Braina might be worth a shot. It is one of the best choice of text-to-speech software for small business, home office and individual users due to its excellent speech recognition capabilities and other features. Search the Internet, dictate documents, translate different languages, record calls and meetings, set alarms and calendar reminders, sort your files, and more. Braina’s companion app even lets you do everything remotely via your iOS or Android phone or tablet when you’re away from your computer.

A major downside to Braina is that the core software only works on Windows, notwithstanding the aforementioned iOS and Android companion app. Plus, multiple people can use Braina without having separate accounts or subscriptions, which is a nice change of pace from most subscription-based software suites. A basic free plan is also available. If you want to unlock the full feature set, such as non-English language compatibility, then Braina will cost you $79 per year or $200 for a lifetime key.

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Google Docs voice typing

Google Docs used on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Price: To free
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux (browser-based)
  • If you have a Google account, you already have it
  • Automatically converts text to document format
  • Cloud-based

You might already have access to one of the best text-to-speech software apps without even knowing it, because Google Docs has one built-in. software) has voice input functionality, and if you have a Google account and a working mic, you’re already set up to use it. You don’t have to pay a dime for it either, and for freeware it’s pretty good – although it understandably lacks many of the advanced features and dictation features of the best text-to-speech software we’ve described. above.

Google Docs Voice Typing is very simple: you speak into your microphone and Google Docs transfers the text into a document. It costs nothing to use, so if you’re not sure if you need speech recognition, then Google Docs Voice Typing is a free way to try it out before you shell out the cash for one of the best speeches to -text software suites that you have to pay for. Voice Typing is ideal for those who just need basic dictation software without the bells and whistles offered by paid services.

Since Google Docs is browser-based, you shouldn’t have to worry about platform compatibility. It’s naturally better to use it on a computer than on a mobile device; That said, you really can use it on any device that has a microphone and access to Google Docs. Everything you do with Google Docs Voice Typing is automatically stored in the cloud, just like any other document you create or edit using Google Docs. The Google Drive cloud also makes it easy to share your transcripts with friends and colleagues if you wish.

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