Mumbai based author S.Venkatesh has had a rather interesting career trajectory. From helping to invest over a billion dollars as a finance professional to writing two bestselling thrillers to empower individuals to realize their potential as mindfulness and leadership coaches, he has taken many interesting turns.

He spent the early years of his professional life at global investment banks JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, where he later led top-tier Indian and Asian teams. Subsequently, as a private equity investor with Australian firms AMP and Macquarie, he helped invest over $1 billion in India. Yet, he says, “I was overwhelmed with the feeling that something was missing.”

It was in a year where he spent a lot of time on international flights, away from phone calls and emails, that he rediscovered his passion for writing. “Once I got out of my left-brain conditioning and stopped trying to control the creative force,” he says, “my first book practically wrote itself.”

The book, KaalKoot, published in 2018, rose to number one on the Amazon chart and was later picked up for a screen adaptation. Venkatesh’s second book, AgniBaan, published last year, also topped the charts. Both books feature Venkatesh’s signature writing style, jaw-dropping suspense and global geopolitical intrigue interwoven with nuggets of science and history. Another striking aspect of both books is the nuanced portrayal of strong female protagonists as they navigate the tug of war between individual choices and societal expectations.

Venkatesh attributes this transformation to his practice of mindfulness, which he first learned while studying at IIT Delhi. “Mindfulness allowed me to connect to my inner compass and overcome barriers to creativity,” he says. “Interestingly, it has also made me a better investor, helping me manage my emotions in the face of market volatility and uncertainty.

These accomplishments gave Venkatesh a purpose. As a newspaper columnist, he writes about mindfulness and its links to creativity, business, leadership, and wealth. He is a regular speaker at corporate forums and educational institutes, where he discusses how talented individuals can wire themselves up for success.

As a leadership coach, he works with business leaders and founders, empowering them and their businesses to realize their full potential. “The key,” he says, “is for individuals to break through the layers of self-doubt and false beliefs, release mental knots, come face-to-face with their dreams, and open up a world of possibilities. “.

Allowing people to connect to this inner compass, he says, is extremely rewarding. He concludes, “Once you connect to your inner core and embrace your intrinsic greatness, the potential is limitless.”

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