UMngomezulu is a South African DJ/producer who is currently highly respected in the South African electronic music industry. Obtained a degree in broadcasting, a degree in music production and is currently working on a degree in business administration. UMngomezulu with an incredibly bright future ahead of him, no matter which path he chooses, it’s very exciting for him to showcase the complex, sophisticated and mature sound of his music with his recent releases.

Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu formally known as Deepland, a native of Kwa Zulu Natal who has been in the music industry for a while, earned the respect of legends like Vinny Da Vinci, Lars Behrenroth, Fish Go Deep, 2Lani De Warrior and more. He is a hard worker who had to balance being a student and a DJ/producer, his music is respected by many as it is influenced by different cultures and musical environments.

UMngomezulu is always looking for new knowledge to understand and follow today’s music scene. Music evolves over time and many genres of music change, so understanding all of the changes is very helpful to him and has helped him gain more knowledge and understand what is going on in the music industry. He thinks a lot of producers should never be afraid to try new things and explore musically, music should be exciting and fun, so finding new ideas really helps a brand grow. Collaborations with other creatives are very important, you learn more from them, which is a powerful tool. The most successful artists in the world collaborate with other artists, which allows them to gain more knowledge, respect, reach and growth. At the beginning of the year, UMngomezulu is currently working with different vocal artists as most of his previous releases are instrumentals, so it’s time for him to come up with a different approach to the music industry.

UMngomezulu has music releases on labels such as Candid Beings, Deep Obsession, Deepershades, Afromove and more. He is currently working on his debut album titled “Remedies From Zululand” under his own independent label called “Emotional Music Recordings”. This is his first time releasing an album under the name UMngomezulu, so 2022 will be an exciting year for him.

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