A leading New Zealand fresh produce software provider says it is receiving unprecedented demand for its services, particularly following the latest successful implementation of its packaging solutions.

Earlier this year, Radford Software onboarded leading Australian asparagus grower and distributor Raffa Fields to implement a fully remote packing system. Each year, Raffa produces around 2,000 tonnes of premium asparagus in the Koo Wee Rup area of ​​Victoria for domestic consumption and export, and Royce Sharplin, Radfords customer success manager, says sharing the news their success may have generated additional interest from other companies.

“They had a number of industry colleagues who then came up to us and said, based on what we’ve seen, we want it too,” he said. “It’s really exciting and has added to the current high demand we have. We’ve had to refocus on managing and planning our work ahead, manage our resources efficiently and strive to deliver the best outcome to our customers. This is a good problem to have as it presents a new set of challenges and learnings. They (Raffa Fields) have been exceptional as a customer to work with; they are a great example of a family business that has long worked with manual processes and emerged with a real appetite for the efficiencies they could gain with our software.They have been instrumental in their own transformation and, in turn, helped to sustain this which we’ve implemented entirely remotely. We haven’t set foot in their fitness facility, but we look forward to being there at some point.”

Radford Software previously told FreshPlaza that its goal is to provide systems that help streamline day-to-day operations on farms and orchards, ensuring input and resource data is captured and maintained in a central location. There are four modules that interact to achieve this goal; FreshGrow, FreshPack, FreshQuality and FreshInsights. FreshPack and the quality control-focused FreshQuality app were launched at the Victorian Raffa Fields packing station in time for the 2021 spring harvest.

Radfords also has a strategy of diversifying into broader fresh produce sectors to complement our ‘traditional’ customers in the kiwifruit, apple, citrus and avocado markets – and Mr Sharplin says increased interest from the vegetables, such as asparagus and leafy salads (and the ongoing project with onion and potato heavyweights Mitolo Family Farms) have been very well received.

“There’s enough functionality and flexibility in the product to navigate category-specific terms and adapt to variations in business processes,” Sharplin explained. “Raffa’s implementation was a good affirmation of that for us, as we’ve made a conscious effort over the past few years to make our solutions as ‘agnostic’ as possible to ensure we can continue to cater to different categories. The fact we implemented it remotely, with minimal customization for asparagus production, was a real confidence boost, and it was almost surprising how “ready to go” the implementation was. employment”. It also shed light on how we can do things more efficiently and further refine our process.”

Radfords is already well involved in the fresh produce industry in New Zealand and Australia, and expansion plans include targeting the North American market with on-the-ground resources in the United States.

The new platform will be presented at Hort Connections

Radford Software will be exhibiting next month at Hort Connections in Brisbane (stand 215), where it will showcase its software solutions, delivering operational efficiency from floor to supermarket. This includes the new platform on which FreshGrow and FreshQuality are built, on which the company has invested heavily in the continuous improvement of the user interface (UI).

“FreshGrow is our orchard management solution, providing control and visibility into orchard event scheduling, spray logs, timesheets and labor capture. There’s more to come in the form of a full chemical inventory and more – the end result, a port of call for any orchard or farm manager,” said Mr. Sharplin. “The key for these users is to make the experience as intuitive and simple as possible, because when you’re on the farm you want a simple and straightforward user interface. So part of that for us has been to complement our with the ability to capture and perform tasks from a mobile app, ensuring that data can be captured regardless of internet connection – directly from the user’s phone. »

Hort Connections 2022 will be held in Brisbane from June 6-8.

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