Why solve complex manual jobs through a smartphone when the easiest and most compatible solution for almost any situation should be a good webcam?

It is best to list the cameras that have already been tested and the apps that did not work with them. Then you can find a solution.

At home I have a Logitech C920 webcam, at my office an Aukey webcam (an unknown model at the moment) and one is built into my laptop (Dell Latitude). Every camera provides a good image for almost any application.

You could be really bad and hire the school’s IT department to provide you with the right equipment, as is the norm in any business. After everything I’ve read about school readiness even 20 months after the pandemic started, things still look pretty poor when it comes to digitization.

Edit 2:
By the way, there is a “Data protection settings for devices” in Windows settings. Here you can select which apps connected devices are allowed to use. Access to the webcam may not have been allowed and that is why the cameras were not working on some apps.

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