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Check what you need to consider when choosing a CRM software

A quality CRM is designed to efficiently manage data from different customer profiles while giving you the confidence to interact with each of them in an organized and professional manner. When choosing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), keep in mind that it is the most important tool in the sales team’s arsenal, enabling the creation and maintenance of relationships. long term with contacts and customers. Customer management means businesses have a better chance of closing more deals, ensuring more lead generation, and increasing overall sales. When a business decides to invest in a CRM system, it’s wise to make sure it meets your business needs. First, when choosing a CRM, it’s best to consider which one is best suited to your day-to-day business practices.

It should contain the right solutions to everyday problems and mishaps you encounter or are likely to encounter on the road. Modern technology has come a long way since the Rolodex and the almighty Black Book. Today’s growing businesses manage customer relationships and data in different ways. With so many customer relationship management (or CRM) solutions available, it can be difficult to find the best one for your growing business, customer service, sales team, customer service, and marketing team. Objectives, with the ultimate goal of increasing operational efficiency and improving customer experience.

What to Consider When Choosing CRM Software

Your goals

All CRM vendors claim that their solutions will help you find more qualified leads, shorten your sales cycle, increase your conversion rate, improve customer service, increase marketing efforts, and optimize cross-departmental collaboration. Yet different CRM solutions excel at different things, so it’s important to understand what problem(s) you’re trying to solve with CRM and what you’re trying to accomplish. First, think about your top business challenges: Are you generating enough leads?

Do you have a lot of leads, but most of them are unqualified? Deals get stuck in your funnel because reps don’t follow up? What are your main pain points and what is the best CRM software to address them? Also consider if you have other customer service teams that need access to CRM (marketing, customer service) and which solutions best meet their needs.

user experience

All CRM solutions help you collect customer data and use it to improve business relationships and sales. But they do it in different ways, prioritizing certain features and functionality, reflected in the user experience. Enterprise solutions are designed for large companies with multiple customer-facing teams that use CRM to coordinate customer data and engagement. This usually comes with lots of tabs and integrations that your small business might not need.

Solutions designed for SMBs often take a different approach. For example, Pipedrive and OnePageCRM were created by sellers for sellers. Marketing and customer service can access the data, but the user experience is designed specifically to drive sales effectiveness. OnePageCRM puts all the data you need about each contact on a single drop-down page and uses an action flow to remind you exactly what to do next to convert each lead into a customer. Pipedrive also helps salespeople stay focused by presenting sales data in a pipeline view that matches your sales workflow, giving your team actionable data visualization.


Mobility has always been important to small business owners and their teams. With mobile CRM, your reps can document the status of deals as they move from meeting to meeting or research customer contact information while working remotely. Access to mobile data has been critical to maintaining open communication with current and potential customers, especially during the pandemic.

Most cloud solutions are accessible from any internet-connected device, but the mobile experience is better with some CRMs than others. When choosing your CRM software, spend some time on the mobile app. Has the user experience been optimized for mobile devices or is it just a mini version of the web application that is difficult to use on a small screen? Is mobile navigation easy to use? Do you receive the full set of products? Does it work on all your team’s mobile devices?


Early CRMs were “dead databases”; They gave him a place to store all of his customer data, but that information was isolated from all of his other software and databases. Thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), most CRMs can now be integrated with your phone system, digital marketing tools, accounting software, productivity apps, collaboration apps, and virtually any other solution. cloud. compatible. These integrations help you sync your data and save time with features like automatic call logging and click-to-call, which allow you to call a contact directly from the CRM using your phone system. professional.

The best CRM software for your business seamlessly integrates with all your other key systems. So, before investing in a solution, make sure it can work with your current software and favorite applications on your computer. Which integrations have already been activated in the system and which integrations can be added? Does the CRM vendor have an open API that you can use to integrate with any cloud solution of your choice, or are you limited to integrations with the vendor’s app marketplace?

your budget

CRM generally falls under the category of software as a service (SaaS), where you purchase a subscription for each user and pay an annual or monthly license fee. The monthly cost per user can vary from $0 to $50 depending on the provider. With cloud-based CRM growing 12.6% ($69 billion worldwide), you only pay monthly fees. With on-premises CRM, you are also responsible for server and maintenance costs, which is why most small businesses use cloud solutions, with the exception of businesses in highly regulated industries where they need to have full control of all their data.

Enterprise solutions also tend to be more expensive than CRM solutions designed specifically for SMBs because they have more add-ons. However, if you don’t need all those extra features, look for a cheap CRM solution.


Your business may be small today, but if you plan to grow over time, you need a scalable solution. And if you expect your workforce to grow and shrink over time, such as if you need to hire seasonal workers or just want to prepare for economic fluctuations, you also need a solution. flexible. When choosing CRM software, ask yourself: will the solution grow with my business? Will it meet my future IT needs or my sales goals? Can I easily remove users (and their subscription fees) and add them again if needed in the future?


Effective CRM software not only simplifies your sales processes; It also helps you evaluate those workflows so you can see what’s not working and what could be more efficient. Similarly, CRM software should help you evaluate the performance of each team member to determine who is on track, who needs additional training, and who deserves a higher promotion or commission.

All CRM solutions achieve this through advanced analytics and reporting, but some do it better than others. Consider your sales goals and pain points, and find a solution that gives you the insights you need to improve both your workforce and your workflow. Also find out how automated the process is. For example, with OnePageCRM, sales managers can automatically generate reports for each sales rep and receive those reports directly by email at a set time. This way they get all the information they need, when they need it, without even logging into the system.

Final Words: What You Should Consider When Choosing CRM Software

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