A sports fan’s nightmare – your team makes the playoffs and in the final moments of the game your cable goes out. A Lakewood woman says this was just the start of her nightmare, and she wants Xfinity customers to hear her warning.

When the Nuggets aren’t playing, Romaine Pacheco watches the Warriors.

“It was the playoffs with two or three minutes to go,” Pacheco said, recalling exactly what happened last Wednesday. “I’m sitting at my kitchen counter watching the game saying ‘Yay, Golden State’ and the TV freezes.”

Frozen TV set everything else in motion.

Pacheco says she called the number on her Xfinity technician’s business card, and the person who answered performed a system refresh.

“The TV works! Great! And I say ‘Thank you,'” Pacheco said. “Of course, the game is over now. I don’t know what the score is.”

Within moments, however, she says the score was the least of her worries. His phone exploded with notifications showing thousands of dollars in payments to Xfinity.

Pacheco immediately alerted its bank.

“Each of these payments that were attempted to be transferred to my bank account, God bless BOK Financial, they declined payment on each of them,” she said.

The Xfinity website warns of similar scams targeting customers, saying to be wary of anyone asking for personal account information or payments.

A spokesperson for Xfinity released this statement: “We are sorry that Ms. Pacheco was the victim of this phone scam. We have been in contact with her to ensure that her account is now secure. As a reminder, Comcast will never ask customers their password information by phone, chat or email Customers can check our Internet Security Alerts site for news, updates and top phone scams, and to report https abuse ://internetsecurity.xfinity.com/help/alerts.

But Pacheco pointed out that his Xfinity account showed a charge of $500,000. She had to close her bank account and spend hours on the phone. She says she still doesn’t know how it happened.

“I want other Xfinity customers to know this can happen to you,” Pacheco said. “Now I’m afraid someone now has access to my cable system. Who can fix my cable TV problem and not be an Xfinity representative?”

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