A passion for people is what ultimately led Jessica Ramp to the Job Shop in Aiken.

Ramp, a graduate of Fox Creek High School, graduated from USC Aiken with a degree in sociology. She chose this major because she enjoys working with people.

“Any kind of work that involves dealing with people, learning about people, I feel like that’s my forte,” Ramp said. “That’s kind of the reason I got into it, and my advisor pushed me to go for it.”

After college, Ramp began her career at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where she learned customer service in a professional setting. She then started going to career fairs and helping with talent and acquisition, which made her realize that HR recruiting was where she wanted to go.

She also helped open a branch of Enterprise Truck. From there, she moved on to medical recruitment and then to the Job Shop in 2018.

Ramp was at a job fair and met one of the Job Shop VPs, and he told her he thought she would be a good recruiter for the company, which she wanted to do. . In fact, she’s won the title of top recruiter at her job since she’s been there.

Ramp, 32, has been selected as a member of the Aiken Standard’s Class of 2022 Young Professionals 2 Follow.

“I focus on everything from janitor to CEO pretty much; the majority of them are more in leadership positions, so I get to know, I can work with any type of business,” Ramp said. “It’s an exciting thing about this job, is that I meet different people every day. I learn new trades, new industries every day. So no two days are alike.

As for what she loves the most about her job, is that she can help someone change their life by helping them find a job that they like.

Ramp also enjoys building relationships, saying she has gotten to know a lot of people through her work and her work as an ambassador with the Aiken Chamber of Commerce.

“People can come to me if they’re new to the area, I’m also an ambassador with the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. I’m just trying to tell them, “Hey, you should go and get your welcome or move-out package and then come see me so I can find out how I can get you work,” Ramp said.

She has been a chamber ambassador for over a year. Ramp became an ambassador after asking the Vice President and President of the Job Shop how else she could be involved. She has known a lot of people for a long time, she was offered to become an ambassador.

“I was awesome, I’m all in,” Ramp said. “They were like your first challenge, we want you to try to be ambassador of the year within five years, and I was like a challenge accepted…I really appreciate the Chamber. It’s a network and such a great group of people that anything this group of people thinks can be done.They give you all the tools you need to succeed as a business and live in Aiken.

Ramp said she was shocked to learn she was among the top 10 young professionals to watch.

“I was shocked, and I was honored, and I was blessed to say the least. Honestly, I never thought it would have been me,” she said.

Outside of work, Ramp enjoys attending the various events organized by Aiken, including festivals, fairs and other events.

She is also involved with Cedar Creek Church, where she has volunteered in the elementary and kindergarten program since 2008. She also enjoys spending time with her 7-year-old Miniature Schnauzer named Wallace.


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